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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

419 scam email from Millie Behera Ahmed Ghazi Islamic Development Bank Saudi Arabia IDB Bank Director +966-38123463 +966-26366871

from: Millie Behera <> 
date: Tue, May 31, 2016 at 8:24 AM
subject: M's Millie Behera

I am happy today after reading your mail,How are you doing,i hope you
are alright over there,i am so grateful for all your love and concern
towards me and my daughter my dear, I really thank you for
all you help and i pray that Almighty Allah will reward you, his only
Allah that know you more then how i know you, i will send you my Phone
Number late so that you will be calling me, but it will not be always
because of my husband family who am living with, their always with me
and i always with them, that is the reason why i relpy your mail
late,Am very sorry for my late relpy, here is not all that easy for me
because of my husband family, i do everything by change, i was waiting
to coulde with the IDB-Islamic Development Bank Director,AHMED GHAZI,
the bank my late husband made the deposit, i don't have any right or
privilege to do anything here because of my late husband family,i want
to live the family because my husband is no more with me, No joy in my
heart,i know what am feeling,so help me as you promised,the bank have
except my request, once you will follow their procedure, Here is the
contact information of the bank,try and contact the bank on my behalf
and confirm from the bank,i have already explained them about you,
here i am,i do everything seecretly.

The Bank Name:IDB-Islamic Development Bank Saudi Arabia
King Khalid Road, Al-Nazlah Al-Yamaniyah, PO Box 5925, Jeddah 21432,
Saudi Arabia
Tel: + (966) 3 812 3463
Fax: (+9662) 6366871

Account name: Mr.Aahil Raheem
Account number: 6480205098287
Deposit Code: ATHW265
Amount US$1.600.000.

Let the bank Director know that you are contacting on behalf of me,
Millie Behera,a wife to late Mr.Aahil Raheem, ask the bank to let you
know the possibilitie on how to claim the US$1.600.000.for me on my
behalf,please if there's anything you want to know,get back to me or
if the bank respond to you do and let me know.
your's Millie Behera

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