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Monday, August 22, 2016

419 scam email from General Robert Young

from: General Robert Young <> via 
reply-to: General Robert Young <>
date: Sat, Aug 20, 2016 at 9:02 AM

Hello My Dear,I contacted you based on the first hand in-formations I had about you through a (browser on us residential internet search engine)though my intentions was just seeking for business assistance,but when I saw your email contact something strike my mind to contact you.

Greetings From General Robert Young.

First, I want to solicit for your absolute confidence and assurance that this
transmission is of mutual benefit and do not mean any harm as it is strictly risk free.I am General Robert Young, of the Afghanistan Military. I am sorry I have to put this story short because of time, I and my colleague General of the oil wells chief and security of Afghanistan crude oil, have watched the incumbent president stash away over US$140billion through relatives and few friends abroad during this ongoing political crisis in Libya, please watch press or other media telecast covering the invents and present happening in Libya and Afghanistan.

I lost the whole of my family to the Rebels, I am contacting you to do a wish for me after having gone through your profile and being assured that you will utilize the funds for the mutual benefit of our families. please go through the view this(

I came in to one of the west African country (Ghana) been peaceful country through the diplomatic channel with a consignment worth of US$12.5Million which I want you to take hold of in your country as I am badly. i also have a son in Ghana Refugee camp due to my position i lift him over there with your help i believe he will have you. so that I can introduce you to my attorney who knows where I deposited the consignment funds in security company, they will guide you through all the legal process to have the security company deliver the funds to you in your country. Now I want you to know that with my position I can amend this problems and this money will be paid to your nominated bank account which both of us will share on a 50/50 %if only you will accept with my conditions.

Be rest assured that this communication is totally free from all risks, above all I want you to keep this highly confidential, if you feel you can't do it please delete this letter for good.

Allah Bless You.
Gen.Robert Young.
Reply me to my private e-mail (

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