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Friday, September 30, 2016

419 scam email from Alima Abdullah +229-65988822

from: alima Abdullah <> 
date: Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 8:12 AM

Hello dear

I write this letter with all sincerity and hope you will understand and assist me and my two Kids. I also believe that it will be of immense benefit to you as well. I am Mrs. Alima Abdullah, the wife of Late Raashid Abdullah. a business man in Palestine and within the UAE region but was killed during the war between Israelis and Palestine a few months ago.

I am currently seeking for asylum here in Benin Republic with my kids and I am here seeking for assistance of a foreign partner since my late husband make it clear to me that he has existing sum of US$5.500.000 [ Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars] which he deposited in Bank here in Benin Republic. The fund was meant for the purchase of farm machineries and equipment for other business venture.
But due to the current situation between Gaza and Israel, I became a target by other Israeli business men who knew about my late husband's asset and decided to take the opportunity to get rid of them totally, but i managed to get out of the country and moved to Benin Republic for asylum seeking since i and two kids believes that this place is safer,

Due to the fact that i seek Asylum (Refugee) in this Benin Republic am not permitted by law of the Benin Republic to some certain rights, such as operating bank accounts, investment, study and other monetary transaction, thus the reason why am asking for your utmost assistance to help me and get the fund in your position and the BANK MANAGER told me that there is two easy options for them to give my foreign partner access to the fund without any delay....
1) By wire transfer direct to your account in your country account.


2) They can program the fund on ATM VISA CARD and send you the card so you can have access to the fund and help me and my kids and the CARD can only be send through DHL COURIER SERVICE.

so if you consider this proposal and really wish to assist me then you must be willing to comply with the bank's options, please reply immediately so i can link you up with the bank, do understand that this fund is for investment purpose and when i relocate to your country with my kids and you will be in charge of every business we invest the fund, also know that you will stand as a my life partner or business partner depends on your choice and this will be beneficial to both me and you, so please do send me your full details as it is below...


Then we shall discuss further and here is my contact phone number= +229 65 988 822, i need to get out of this refugee camp and come over to your country to start a new life if you can help, I wait for your reply soon.

Alima Abdullah

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