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Thursday, September 1, 2016

419 scam email from Orphaned Refugee Abebii Asim

from: Abebii Shamal <> 
date: Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 10:07 AM
subject: Thanks for your reply my friend

Shalom.. How are you my friend, and your family? What is your country time now?

I think this is easier to introduce my self a bit to you here first, hence we got interest of know each one another because of our city time different, I appreciate your time that you took to read my message.

my name is Abebii Asim Shamal and I am (23 years) old on this 10th of July that past, I can say I am innocent in world just because am a virgin never meet man before in my life am single, am until God says yes for that, I believe that it is better we get to know each other better and trust each other as a good friend,

My good friend please I want your honest heart as friend with me because of this my serious communication with you, I want to relocate from this west Africa Dakar to abroad, and I thinking it cost nothing to have a trust and good friend like you in your country before my preparation from here,

I am writing you from the Dakar, but I am originally from Arabic Syria republic. My late father was a South Sudan while my late mother was South Sudan I lost her when I was 4 years age and I am presently staying in a mission refuge camp we are control by Catholic  missionary under UNHCR  here in the Republic of Senegal due to the demise that happened to my parent in the course of the ongoing civil war in my country lead to assassinating my father (2014 November 5th) in Darfur) after 1 year that I came back to my county Sudan finally to start my Medical study in my country as 1st year, Because my primary education to secondary is Western English I finish my junior class in Nairobi. My late father was a politician during his time and diamond stones dealer.

My friend I choose to come to Senegal because I came once to Dakar this capital city years ago with my late father because he was a businessman that deals on Diamond stones and different stones. On (December 18th 2015) when I was rescue by French missionaries people in Darfor forest and I decided to follow them as they are saying they will take me to camp in west Africa where they came from, that is how I was here after I spent (2 days) in the forest road no one only me but glory be to God in my life.

My good friend how can you help me from here to relocate to your country??? I don’t have traveling passport I don’t have any thing,

but I have big hope and means with my late father bank documents he gave to me that I should kept before his death , I have contact the bank in Europe and I told them that I have those document that I copy their email address and phone contact to contact them,

the bank told me to scan and send all my late father document to them, after they send message to me that its truth that my late father was their customer but The Bank requested from me to appoint my relative or representative on my behalf as my trustee partner .before anything that they will tell the person how to help me withdraw the money to his account on my behalf.

They said is against the law of their country to transfer or deal with any body with refugee status under (UNHCR) in the World.

Please can you help me in this issue and I know it will look surprise why I can trust you with such thing but I have faith in Almighty God with you, my friend it is not easy to have honest person like this who have fear of God in heart, Please one thing that is important is your (promise) as I told you about this money please let it be secret deep secret I mean between You and me alone because its big amount, and people heart is deep when concern money, people jealous and hate, I need your promise please please please,???  think of my condition and let follow each other with one heart as Almighty God direct us, that is why I pray to Almighty God to direct all my path and God did it for me to meet you here at the first time I know God is one that make our dream come to passed, I hope you will not angry because of this my statement I want to tell you??

its from the bottom of my heart I am writing you my friend, the time when I decided to write you I was looking at 5 different profile then I wrote each person profile name in different sheet of paper and squeeze all the 5 paper differently, I pray over it for 3 days with fasten by my self that is how I choose 1 out of the five profile names, fortunate is your profile name, that is how we are today and Almighty God is our strength and love ever more.

My friend if you can help me with your honest heart as you know we never know each other before or seen each other once, but I know God we help us and you will never regret of our friendship and we are a family that is my Christianity heart to you, let me know your mind about my this message to you???

My good friend I am waiting for your reply to me??? may be tomorrow I will send you my late father bank contact and the Refugee camp supervisor office telephone number here in the camp so that you can call me to talk and know you more and you to hear my voice and yours, and is the supervisor that gave us access to use computer in the office that I am using to write you now. but not everyday I have chance to use the computer, but you can call me through him the name is Chief mangal is our camp supervisor post by the United Nations Refugee Authority in this camp

My friend I am also ready to relocate and meet with you once you accept me with all your heart. And after the transfer of my lat father money from the Bank into your account successful, you will send me some money inside the money to get my traveling documents to come over to your country, my good friend I have already developed confidence with you, I believe knowing you was through divine intervention but please promise and assure me that you will always stand by me even after receiving the money in your account? My heart wish and desire that my quiet and peaceful life will come through your help and as I pray for God to guiding me to know someone like you, as I expect to see your reply soon, hope you like my picture and send me your pictures too.

Your new friend,Abebii Asim.

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