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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Illumintai scam email sent through the FraudFYI contact form from Jenefer Alex Micheal Illuminati Official Agent +234-9032318560 +234-8162084839 +44-8721642373

I just love it when a scammer accuses another scammer of being a scammer.  Just as a side note, there is NO SUCH THING AS JOINING THE ILLUMINATI!  They are looking to steal your money, recruit you as a money mule and more.  But this email takes the cake in my opinion!

from:    Blogger Contact Form <>
reply-to:    jenefer alex <>
date:    Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 8:48 AM
subject:    [FRAUD FYI] New message received.

ATTENTION YOU ALL: I am micheal the Illuminati official agent,i am from united kingdom and I join Illuminati in UK,i have been give the alternative to expose Illuminati to the universe that Illuminati is real when you met the rightful agent like me micheal,i have been an agent to this brotherhood more than eight year now and I am still a member and agent,don't be afraid to contact us if you are willing to join this fraternity, this fraternity welcome anybody in this wide world,this comment is been post by head office,the last comment that was past by the head office in USA was been using by fraudsters and the comment has been stopped by the Lord and from now upward (30 August 2016) we the Illuminati have stop using it because a lot of scammed are now creating a fake USA number,that is why will have come with new identity number to locate the rightful agent by calling the head office in UK not in USA anymore,ignore +18 has head office from today 30 August 2016 and start calling +44 has head office number for conform,be ware that no need for calling USA number has Illuminati head office,is now located in UK,for confirmation call +448726142373
To join call MICHEAL at +(234)9032318560 or In-box us on or visit us on
Beware that will the Illuminati is now working on a new program to limited fraudsters and scammer that always use our comment to aim and achieve,please don't call USA number has head office has confirmation,it has be bandy by us the Illuminati now at 30 august 2016 call +448726142373 as confirmation number,no need of contacting us WHATAPP +[234]8162084839,you are ask to whatsapp an E-mail us,for joining,don't face-book any agent,it is not our access to join on face-book chat,the only alternative to join is to E-mail/whatsapp MICHEAL at +{234}8162084839
The rightful identity of us the Illuminati:

HEAD OFFICE: +448721642373
WHATSAPP: +(234)8162084839
CALL: +{234}9032318560
Be aware of scammer and contact us the real Illuminati,reach us through MICHEAL from now,
Fake identity of us Illuminati this list below:
Head office is not located in USA anymore, don't add anybody with USA number and don't E-mail any email that is not
Please don't lead yourself to fraudsters all the name of Illuminati,the complain of I have been scam is more than what will can complicated with!save your self by contacting us through this comment of us the Illuminati head office,........

jenefer alex |

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