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Yes, another despicable scam because this one targets people who want to help others in need.  The scammers will typically create a fake charity to base their scam around and will reach out to either other charities or individuals asking for donations.  In many of the scams it's a "motherless home" or religious home of sorts.  They will give long, detailed sob stories in some cases.  They will use photos stolen off the internet to portray poor orphans.  Some have even gone to the extent of setting up fake websites for their fake charities and have used names very similar to legitimate charities to make their scams more convincing.

It's always the same, there is no charity and they are playing off of the emotions of good people in order to steal their money.  I can't stress enough how important it is to always do your research on a charity you've never heard of before committing to donating money.  Also, anyone claiming to be part of the Red Cross or UNHCR will NEVER use free email services to ask for donations.

The best way you can protect yourself from scams like these is to:

1) Steer clear of emails that sound suspicious or are too good to be true

2)  Do an internet search for the email address the sender is using.  Many times it will more than likely appear on sites that report scams

3) NEVER give your bank details to someone you don't know, especially if you "met" them through uninvited emails and especially if they ask you to email your information to them.  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.

4) NEVER send money to someone you don't know, especially if they ask you to send the money to another person in another country (Africa should sound the alarm!)  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.  Legitimate companies will also NEVER have you send money to an individual's name through Western Union, Moneygram or any other money sending service, even if they are in the same country.

My list of past Charity scammers for search purposes:
*Please do not report these emails to the service providers.  The scammers will simply create a new email somewhere else making internet searches fruitless.  We don't want them creating new emails because as long as they continue to use these email addresses, people that search will find them listed as scam emails.

Molloy Allen Neil Trotter Charity Project +35-3873834062
Barrister Adam Taylor Esq. Adam Taylor & Co. Solicitors for the Neil Trotter Charity Project +35-3899663122
Chrits Believers Train Ministry +234-8163079500 +234-7063935431
Barrister David Richards International Welfare for Poverty Eradication
Marceline K. Alive Humanity for the Childhood General Coordinator
Evangelist Constantin Bene Constant Rolex
Bill William
Evangelist Constantin Bene
Bill William And Andrea Groner
Mrs. Carina Kona Carina Kona Foundations Founder/Matrons
Mrs. Angela Maha Wechristians Center Humanitarian Coordinator +229-98249241
Collins Anderson
Mrs. Gloria C. Mackenzie
Bill William And Andrea Groner
Evangelist Constantin Bene
Dr. Lucas Woods Charity Aid Foundation Claim Manager
Qatar Foundation
Bill And Andrea Groner
Jon Huntsman Sr. and/or Moore Joseph Ceylan Publicity Secretary
Rachel Cooper GE Capital Accounts Relationship Manager +44-8719157220 +44-8721152776
Saudi Arabia Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Trotter Donation Families
Dave and Angela Dawes
Evangelist Nnanna S. Kingsley
Mr. Steve Tran

Rev. Thomas DeMaria Catholic Charity Foundation Secretary and/or Mr. Donald Paul Catholic Charity Foundation Catholic Aid Administrator +44-1274271556
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Ally Mohammed Alwaleed Philanthropic Foundation Grant
Jessica Peterside

King Eze Meseze Foundation Charity Home
Howard G. Buffett Foundation Charitable Foundation

Mr. Warren Buffett Billionaire Investor Buffett Charitable Foundation
Harold Well Mesh
Mother Lillian Nelson
Lisa and John Robinson Lisa and John Robinson Charity Scheme
Carlos Slim Helu Carlos Slim Helu Foundation Charitable Foundation CEO and Chairman
Carlos Slim Helu Carlos Slim Helu Foundation Charitable Foundation
Bishop Richar A. Alive Humanity for the Childhood CEO +225-03430540
Sir Li Ka Shing
James Stocklas Foundation
James Stocklas Foundation
Charles Francis Feeney The Atlantic Philanthropies

Mr. Duarte Almeida Duarte Almeida Foundation
Charles Koch Charles Koch Foundation Charitable Foundation Philanthropist CEO and Chairman
Jeffrey Skoll
Robinson Charity Foundation

Charles Feeney The Atlantic Philanthropies
Hon. Tony Elumelu Tony Elemelu Foundation African Banks Protocol and Compensation Unit CEO
Engr. Hussain Omar Habib Qatar Foundation President
Qatar Foundation Aid Announcer

UNICEF Team 2016
Carlos Slim Helu Carlos Slim Helu Foundation Charitable Foundation CEO Chairman

Mr. Warren Buffett Charitable Foundation

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