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These scams are not very sophisticated but to the many victims have been very believable.  They typically start off with an email asking if you would like a loan and they may offer a ridiculously low interest rate.  Sometimes they will ask you for your personal information right away, such as address, birth date, occupation, marital status and such.

When they think that they have you interested, some even provide an official looking contract while others skip that part all together and get right to the fees.  The fees usually range from double digits to a few hundred depending on the scammer.  They will, like in all the other scams, insist that you send them fees for loan insurance or filing fees before they can give you the loan.  They will have you send the money through Western Union or Moneygram, usually to Africa.

In my own experience, I have found most of the loan scammers to be very unsophisticated, rude, intimidating and at times vulgar.  I can see how victims, desperate for a loan, could be scared into sending the money in order to receive the loan.  It is horrible the way the loan scams are run.  Sadly, it's one of the most common scams I see in my inbox everyday.

The best way you can protect yourself from scams like these is to:

1) Steer clear of emails that sound suspicious or are too good to be true

2)  Do an internet search for the email address the sender is using.  Many times it will more than likely appear on sites that report scams

3) NEVER give your bank details to someone you don't know, especially if you "met" them through uninvited emails and especially if they ask you to email your information to them.  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.

4) NEVER send money to someone you don't know, especially if they ask you to send the money to another person in another country (Africa should sound the alarm!)  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.  Legitimate companies will also NEVER have you send money to an individual's name through Western Union, Moneygram or any other money sending service, even if they are in the same country.

My list of past loan scammers for search purposes:
*Please do not report these emails to the service providers.  The scammers will simply create a new email somewhere else making internet searches fruitless.  We don't want them creating new emails because as long as they continue to use these email addresses, people that search will find them listed as scam emails.

Mary Bear Loan Firm
Mr Garry Bittner Loans
David White Larry Smith
Mr. Berry Wheaton Jonse
Larry Brent Advert Team Halifax Bank London
Mr Frank Morrison
Frank Muller
Eros Beacher Spring Investment
Mr. Pramit Jhaveri Citibank N.A. +91-7795361391 +91-9066716183
Ivan Nelson Ivanna Funding
Mrs. Rose Berry
Lucy Oliver
Stwart Jim
Private Investors
Dangote Alico
Jill Patton Financial Aid
Mrs. Rose Berry
The East Carbon Financial Team
Uda Bank
Williams Anderson
Alliance & Leicester
Otsuka Financials
Mr. Peter Sam Credit Guarantee Fund Trust aka East Carbon Financial Help +90-5397731456
Tata Capital Finance
William Jackson Loans
Khalif Mohammed Investment Officer
Elizabeth Marry Financial
Loan Offer Company
Morgan Laura
Herr Larry Jeff George Baggins Loan Agency
Mrs. Elena Nino
Nicolas Page
Ezequiel Roderick Company aka Abraham Diya
Major Berry
Chris Buxton
Mr. Anthony Pasco
Florida Savings and Loans
Mrs. Mary Jane
Mr. David Palmer Loan Firm
Mrs. Clara Smith
Jack Williamson
Francesco Alessandro Giuseppe Access Credit Union
Mr. Robert Smith
The East Carbon Team
Mr. Tony Raphael Abass Finance Loan Company
Patrcik Dooley Loan Firms
Larry Smith
Will E. Williams Loan Funds
Mr. Brittin Matt Loan Office +44-7053824105
Mr. Dawson Jacob
John Hurt Credit Company Plc
Mark Smith Loan Company markfinancialhelper.usa
David Harmony
Mr James Morrison GM of James Morrison Fund
Metro Alliance Finance Espinosa
Tom Sherman
Mr. Daniel O'Neil +44-7053824105
Global Finance Loan
James Morrison
John Wilfred
Victor LoanCompany
Morgan Cole
Mr. Harry Spencer
Henry Williams Smith Universal Investment Trading Ltd.
Mr. Ford Lucas Director Of Operation General Loan Incorporated +44-7035927343
Jamie Wayne Halifax Bank London
Sam Cole
Miss Megan Moore
Angela Daniels Loan Funds
David Palmer Loan Firm 
Rev. Corey William Funding
Miss Megan Moore Loan Investment
Glenn Derick
Mr. James Oscar
Barr. Mark Lewis
Victoria James
John Frank Loan Company
Investissement Group
Mr. Godwin I. Emefiele Central Bank Of Nigeria
Miss Elena
Mrs. Quincy Martino Fin-Linker Dignified Home Loans Plc. aka Mr. Jim DeMint
Ami Lee Kang Lemon Funding
Mr. Michael Paul Prudence Finance Investment
Mr. Tom Smith tomsmithloanfirms
Mr. Maric God Sent Loan Service
Larry Rose Loan Firm
Jackson Trust Funds
Dr. Kelly Hilton Burgess trustloanlendingfirm@gmail
Mr. Richard Smith Loan Firm Company
Rev. David Babatunde Oxygen Loan Agency
Barry White
Ismail Khor
Mr. Wayne Smith
Mr Morgan Benson Guaranty Trust Bank
James Steve Loan Company
Mr. Paul Hart +229-68193843
Mavis aka Bella Loan Company
Mr. Sam Lucas Loan Investment Plc
Noel Comb Brown Loans Loan Service Company
Sarah Benson
Mr. Richard Smith Loan Firm Company Credit Financial Aid Advisers +91-9643024018
Global Trust and Finance Loan Firm
Financial Offer
Spring Investment
Mrs. Bonnie Lisa
Tina Woody and/or Paula Scott
Copic Mantino
Mr. James Willams
Malgorzata Karczmarzyk
David Akhere
Mr. Smith
Mr. Clifford Morga Loan Home
Mrs. Rose Berry
Mrs. Smith Susan Loan Lender
Nigeria Police Loan Firm
Williams Brown Nigerian Police Loan Firm
Mr. Kelly Franck Smith James Loan Firm
Mr. Jack Peter
Mrs. Clara Smith Loan Firm
Jorge Luis
Frau Linda Corbin CEO and/or Mr. David Mark MD and/or Larry Hugh
Mr. Eco Loan Offer
Marvin Solutions
Bishop Prophecy
James Brandy Loans
Mr. Joe Kings CEO/CAA Trust Fund loan Companies
Mrs. Ellen Alemany Alvaro Property Limited
Mr. Howard Freese
John Lisa Loan Firm
Edzard Loans
Exxon Mobil
Kelvin Morgan
David Thomas Kingfisher Finance
Agent Sam
Mr. Smith Howard
Mr. Collins Cooper Regional Manager Barclays Bank United Kingdom
Mr. James Mongar
Frank Moores Helps
Mr. Declan Alejandro
Mrs. Rose Mary
Mr. Bill Smith
Andre Paul Darrick Perry Loan Agency
Mr. Ikomosamue E. Loan Agency
James Morgan
Dangote Group Dangote-Gruppe Dangote Alico
Armando Zado
Franklin Leo
Mark Morrison Fast Loan Home
Mr. Jason James
Mary Anderson
Dickson Financial Management
Franklin Leo
Loan scam
Eagle Home Mortgage Corporation
Hijab Financial Service
Mr. Carl Jung Carl Jung Finance Limited
Mr. William Mark William Funding
Mr. Terry Parker Finance
Harris Loans USA
Financial Help
Mr. Tony Williams
Roya Best Loan Offer
Mr. Tony Uwah United Bank for Africa UBA Paying Officer +234-8100502855
Mrs. Anais Harvey
Mr Aliton Bernard Jones Bernard Investments Limited
Mr. Paul Garrison Financial Limited
Kelvin Luis
Douel Nicole-Monique
Mr. Robert
Mike Smith
Pastor Samuel Loan Shark Plc and/or Pastor James Snr. Director and CEO
Diez Cristina
Marvin Loan Service
Sambo Trevor aka Remarkable Loan Firm
Hurry Wilson Loan Officer / CEO Honest Loan Pay
Affins Bank
Osman Loan Services
Williams Phillip
Sir John Smith Loan Company
Musolino Credit
Mr. Barry More
Sir John Smith Loan Firm Company
Access Credit Bank
Paramount Cooperación
Zenith Loan Finance
Mr. P. Pradeep Kumar India State Bank +91-7795361391 +91-9066716183
Mcintosh Huerta
Sky Finance
Assurantie-EN Financieringsbedrijf Herasto B.B.
Mr. George Khoury Willow Financial Services Ltd
Mr. Brown
Smith James Loan Firm
Sky Finance
Safe Funds Company
Richard Anthony
Nancy Leonard Loan Offer
John Williams
Mr. Godwin Samson
Jimmy Lien
James Clark
Mr. Prince 
Mr. Barry More
Mr. Bill West
Dane Harley Finance
George Mendez
Mrs. Irene Leoin aka Bill West +44-7053821846
Mrs. Clara Morgan
Amigo-Light Finance
AgStar Financial Services 855-420-6227
Mrs. Brenda Hope
MEGAL Loans Company
Andrew Lucas Loan Firm
Loan Scammer
John Williams
Dottor Bruno Giuseppe
D&B Loan Investment Company
Brenton Finance
Miss Marie
Fidelity Investments 314-827-6944
Vancity Post Finance
Dane Harley Finance
Mrs. Betty Mabel
Loan Office
Murray Raymond Boyte Solphen Capital LLC
Global World Loans
Mike Adeunga
Jackson Paula
Mr. Richard Morgan
Mr. Mark Donald Loan Funds
Transit Funding Group
Mr. Bill West Irene Leoin Firm +44-7053821846
Credit Express aka Carter Logan
Mrs. Sharon Wade
David Herley Finance 321-323-1809 Skype: dherleyfinance
Mr. Michael Tom
Mr. John Potto
Kelvin Loan Financing Mrs. Mureen Woman
Carl Jung Loan Firm
Mortgage Diligent
Mrs. Lina Scott
Williams Capital Investment
Loan Scammer
Steven Gaston Head Of Financial Facilitator
Mr. George Grant
TaTa Capital and Financial Home +91-7406430844 +91-8336241834
Igvar Harmburg
Kathie Smith for Mr. Dennis Hopkins Finance Home 240-437-4240 +44-750954609
World Finance Loan Company
Quick Loan
Mrs. Harry Ramond Amigo Loans +44-7031926220
Loan Scammer
Mr. Kelly Mike Loan Inverstment 703-988-1623
Dr. Alexander Lucas Allgemeine Berater Ozean Finance Loan
God Sent Loan Service
AR Finance Services
Mr. David
Shelton Loan Finance
Mr. Maric CEO/ MD Godsent Loan Company
Mills Lance
Mr. Helma Paul Loan Company
Trust Loan Lender
Steven Roland
Michael Robin
Francis Financial JR
Alison Trust Fund aka Weboffice Transfer
Price Williams Company Manager Nichols Loan Investment 1-347-943-7013
Mr. David Jeffery 760-666-0999
Mr. Daniel News Financial Facilitator FC Bank +234-7046129543
CCS Financial Services
Mr. Johnson Mark
John Effrein Musolino Credit Agency 248-566-0212 +46-734878510 206-984-2461
Mrs. Roselin W. Goodluck Information Officer UBA Private Bank +234-8138112555
Transit Funding Group
Mr. John Terry
John Smith
Universal Service Loan Firms
Andre James Loan Firm
Mr. Wilson Albert
Sir John Smith Loan Company +91-8586069832
John Effrein 248-566-0212
Mrs. Lady Rebacca
A. Mohammad
Gateway Credit Union
Gunther Erich
John Mike Loan
Me Wilffred Wildred Loan Co.
Bank Santander aka Mavis Carlos Aiico Insurance Loan Lending Company Plc
Global Max Finance
Fastest Loan Firm
Mr. Kenneth Bjorkskog Financial Advisor Care Financial Service Limited
Mrs. Roberta Smith Online Advertizer/Anouncer SafeFunds Finance
Dennis Hopkins Finance Home 240-437-4240
Mr. Rev Victor CEO Ocean Finance Loan Company
Paul Anderson Credit Agency
Roger N. William Director Dennis Hopkins Finance Home 240-437-4240 212-703-2399 +44-7509546091 Skype: roger.n.william
Dr. Purva Pius
Greg Tiwari Loan Admin Officer Gioconian Investment Loan Company 613-800-0592 647-247-4927
Lawson Cynthia E. Publicity Secretary Fidelity Funding Group LLC
David Herley Finance Home 321-323-1809
Trust Loan Lender
Mrs. Lisa Wilberfor Lisa Wilberfor Loan Investment
Mr. Evans Cozmik
Mr. Colman
Morris Jakson Loan Firm
Mr. Bill Smith Loan Firm
Vast Funds Investment Ltd
Miss Megan Moore
Ronnie Finance
Mr. Vadde Reddy Vadde Help Funds
Larry Hilton
Mohammed Loan

Paul McCann
Dr. Purva Pius
Mrs. Pat Rodriguez Loan Firm
Mr. James Walters Transcon Finance Ltd 202-769-3603 209-809-3095
Quick Solution Loans UK
Andrea James 203-302-0635
Mr. Brain Powell Quick Solution Loans General Consultant
Herr Leo Carter Loan Firm
Dr. Purva Pius
Scott Vicker Loan Company England
ICICI Direct
Mr. Hannibal Smith
Dr. Purva Pius
Daniel Silva 608-728-8913
Santander Asset Finance Company +44-7471617092

Allen Large
Todd Whitney GIFG Company 424-226-6684
Europa Finance
Hermes Investment Management
Jim Heppell
Cater Funding
Main Frame Loan Investment
Steven Raymond Banks Alzayani Investments Ltd. Consultant +44-7031952641
Mr. Eddie Brown
Mr. Squires Peter First Finance Lender

Dennis Hopkins Finance Home 240-437-4240 Skype ID: roger.n.william
George Loan Firm
Abdul Saifi Loan Company +91-852754987
Massey Loan and/or Messey Loan Agent Office

Mrs. Sherry Candler Managing Director
Larry Fox 24 Hour Loan Service
Mr. Arnold Collins Kumar India Loan Home
Mrs. Json Paula Loans
Mrs. Dianna Marian Brian Safe Fund Service Online Advertiser Consultant
Sr. Marx Eugène georges
Mr. Jackson Lee
John Mike
One Main Financial
Mr. Patrick Lenahan Western Global Financie Home CEO +234-9050242327

Mr. Eric Wilson SFC
Frau Markus Angela Migros Loan Investment
Jesse Peterson
Mr. Aliko Dangote Dangote Line Lone Investment +234-8115637752
John Toms Loans
Marx Eugene
Dr. Purva Pius +91-8376918351
Mrs. Barbara Johnson
Mr. Harry Maxwell Safe-Funds Finance Management Account Processing Department +44-7937456977 +44-7700308307 +44-7092857858
Andrea Smith Financial Loan Firm
Mel Knox JD MSW Investors Inc. Managing Director

Herr Frank Leo
Paterick Lenahan and/or Mr. Patrick Lenahan Western Global Finance Home +234-9050242327
First Amigo Loan UK

Sky Group and/or Abdul Saifi Loan Firm
John Henski
Mr. Eric Duke SA Cash Loans

Dennis Hopkins Finance Home 240-437-4240 +44-7509546091 Skype: roger.n.william
Osman Loan Serves
Musolino Finance Loan Officer
Rava Palacio
Shadira Aliu Loan Company
Kenneth Beare Loan Firm
Albert Dexter Albert Financial Services Director CEO
Herr Gregory Hagan
John Larry Loan Firm
Barrister Keith Andrea
Zawil Bank
Gunther Lucas Firm
Mrs. Dianna Brian Sandon Funding Company Online Advertister Consultant
Loan Scammer
Collins Whit Financial
Kadir Loan Services
Jose Ferguson
Dr. Louis G. Mike Financier Cor-dinator
Will Royal Bank of Scotland Managing Director

Rev. Nicholas Aka The Church of Jesus in His Mightiness Global Ministry
Wesley Dean Galloway Musolino Credit Union Manager
Mr. George Coleman Nationwide Loans
Mr. Gustafson Wynn Intelligent Loan Finances
Nick Caruso
Miss Megan Moore MFI/Loan CEO
William Mark William Funding
Mushoud Housing Finance

David Loan Firm
Mr. Jackson William
Brianna Grayson Loan
Barbara Bowler Fidelity Funding Group Llc. Publicity Secretary
Miss Megan Moore
Daniel Bowman
Mr. George Coleman Nationwide Loans

India Bulls Finance Firm
Nicholas Loan Firm
Michael Henry Loan Firm

Mrs. Jullet Rosemary
Mr. Aliko Dangote Aliko Dangote Loan Investment

Universal Provision Fund
Frank Anderson Loan Service
MKG Maria
Mr. Wilson Edwards Wilson Edwards Loan Company
Dan B. Oscar
John Beckley
Frau Sarah Benson
Mrs. Joy Obed Ez
Mrs. Rose Emmanuel Angola
Mrs. Julie Leach
Peter Andre K Finance
Loan Firm

Carlos Albert Project Finance Worldwide Senior Project Finance In't Management
Raymond Khalifa Financial Investment
Mrs. Susan Wood
Musolino West
Mr. Aliko Dangote Aliko Danote Loan Investment
Osman Money Finance
Blessing Loan and/or Kate Lisa Loans
Berry Financial Services
First Loan Firm
First Loan
Mrs. Tina Onkar Group Secretary
Michael Dury
Mrs. Maria Gomez eLoan Info Dept.
Rolland Collins
Musolino Credit Union +46-734878510
Owen Morris Firm
Vinícius Lana and/or Alan Smith
Mr. Barry More
Central Bank Loan
Miss Megan Moore
Mr. Whyte Elite Financial Homes
Madam Marlène Messner FINANCO Finance
Madam Karine Pan-Puillandre
Alan Smith
Alwatani Finance Awatani LLC Dubai UAE
Mr. Tom Campbell
Black Creek Investment Management Inc.
Glastonval Finance
Mitchell Arbert Loan Company
Alfred Cliffman Sure Financial Homes 205-304-4207
Brunswick Business and/or Diamond Finance and/or 1st Cash Financial and/or Financial Loan Company
Anthony Ricardo eMoney Loans Pty. Ltd.
Mr. Garry Campbell Evergreen Loan Company
Callahan Michael
Henry Miller Access Capital Lending 646-457-4286
Carlos Rehman Loan and/or Carlos Loan
Dr. George Carson George Carson Loan Firm
Sky Finance
Mrs. Rose Moore Centric Finance Loans +44-7937438469 940-602-8804
Mr. Ellis Nicholas Finance and Credit Corporation Ltd. Accounting & Management
Mr. Aliko Dangote Aliko Dangote Loan Investment
Amelia Etters CEO/MD
Mr. Leininger Andere Louis

Mr. Thomson Park Unity Trust Financial Home
Mr. Edward Garry High Tech Loan Investment
Dalton Moore Dalton Loan Company 978-965-2175
Alex Loan Company 270-971-4478
Finance Chain Limited +44-1625800410
Mr. Cooper Brandon High Tech Loan Investment
Financial Fina Funding
Mrs. Lucy Mengel
BRGF Loans
Isabella Credit Funding
Mr. Roy Baase
Berry McDave Investment
Snowbird Financial Service
Fred Bernard
Gregory Michael Steinberg Lakeshore Lending Limited International Capital Sourcing Executive Assistant +44-1133205529 +44-1133207430
Kim Investment Ltd.
Logan Taylor Bryan Prudent Financial Service
Mr. Eric Scott Link Funding Company
Abbey National Bank Plc.
Mrs. Stella Walker Pecoba Global Loan Service
Mr. Heather Gills National Financial Home CEO
Mr. Davies
Carey Krause Inc.
Mr. Maric Paribas Financial Services CEO
Derek Arab Loan Firm
Mr. David Shodnet Reliance Loan Investment
Owen Morris Firm

David Blau
Charles Robert Loan Firm
Jude Loans
Wilfred Larry
Mr. Hamdn Alhousani Mr. Hamdn Loan Offer
Europa Finance
Private Law Firm
Stewart J. Ford Company
Stewart J. Ford Company
Williams Kohln
CLM Loans
Bruma Finance Loan Solution
Global Financial Solution
George Harrison Loan
Henry Reginal Union Money Service
Mr. Henry West Henry West Financial
CLM Loans
BSN Capital Management
Mrs. Jane Wall
Quick Loan Solutions UK
Dr. Abdul Khalil Ali Abu Dhabi Capital Group Chief Investment Officer +971-567106782 +971-26523999
Mr. Amjad Javed Gold Financial Services Loan Co. +66-8008336143 +66-2103661070 +66-2103489496
Azim Premji
Jesse Peterson
Sun Loan Financial Service
Private Loan/Financier Service
Chu Kong Chu International Agency Principal Agent
Sky Private Finance Loan Comapany
Martins Loan Firms
Stella Mavis Loan Lender
Financial Service
Mahone Rose Access Credit Ltd.

Osman Loan Serves
Andrej Katrina
Dr. Christopher Donald Trust Loan Lending Firm General Consultant
Swift Loan
OK Loan Company Ltd.

Mrs. Jane Wall
Robert Cooker
Linda Mill Loan Lender
Loan Fast Limited 859-554-3895
Linda Mill Loan Lender +44-7045785586 +234-9032836270
UNB Loan Investment
Jesse Peterson
Kevin Kruger Klaus Kapitals
Mr. Ian Walters
Mrs. Jennifer Dunn Financial Assistance Manager
Godwin Samson Loan Services
Capital Financial
Woodmood Loan
Olav Richard Barclays Home Finance
Walker Loans
Geovani Eba Cash Loans Converters Ltd.
Financial Help PLC
Osman Money Finance
Andre Wealth Loan Firm
David Mike 951-356-1932
Elisabetta Meatta
Eric Santos
Mr. Robert C. Vicky

Andreas James Funds
Community Loan Inc. 478-298-4873 740-520-0649 +44-713635462 Twitter: community_loan Facebook: comunityloaninc Skype: CommunityLoan
Wiley Knight Loan Company
Jubrin Loan Service
Gain Credit Loan
KB Investment
Mr. Mike Scott
Mr. Anthony Jordan Sure Financial World Director 580-456-4323
Mr. Larry Kain Money Essentials Trust Fund Loan Services
Jeffery Loan Company
Dr. Preston Smith
Albasit Loan Firm
Jubrin Finance
Mrs. Barbara Johnson
Mr. Barry James
Phillip Monda
Shadira Aliu Loan Company +91-9873186890
Mr. Barry James Wongan Finances Loans
Hagan Turner Transit Funding Group Llc. MD/CEO
Arab Credit Firm
Mr. Hamdn Loan Offer

Investment Office
Shadira Aliu Loan Company +91-9873186890
Philip Bern Loan
Mr. Robert Griffin Robert Griffin Loan Funds
Mr. Mohamed Jubrin Finance
Michael McDonald Michael Loan Lenders
Mr. Lawson Smith Lawson Smith Loan
Central Bank Business and Home Loan Company
Mr. Mike Scott
Devon Financial Partners
Linda Loan Firm
Alicia Roger Jorge Bassi Loan Investment Company
Merrill Lynch Loan Firm
Premium Finances Loan Company
First Loan
Gabriel Meyer Loan Finance
Edison Financial
Anderson Lending Firm
Zuma Loans
Richard Borg Barclays Home Finance
Macro Finance Limited
Mr. Anthony Sure Financial World
Martins Loan Firm
Mr. Ibe Paul Central Bank of Nigeria Officer In Charge
Mr. Kelvin Collins Ecobank Chief Remittance Officer
Mr. Phillip Okoh Ecobank ATM Payment Department Director +229-99082085
Paters Partners Loan Firm
Direct Access Online Finance Services
Swift Loan Service
Willis Frederick Hartland Investment Loan Publicity Secretary +27-117327187 +27-845154318
Mega Gates
Morris and Company Trust Fund Limited 647-739-3756
Mrs. Rose Berry Wilkkins Funds
Mr. Jason Vodrack
Goldmine Private Loan
Roland Powell Swift Loan Service
Mr. Jason Vodrack 321-445-8379
James Lawrence
David Mike Loan Company 951-356-1932
Mr. Michael Duro
Mr. Thomas Wallace Word Financial Group
Mrs. Rose Barry
Luis Carlos Finance
Happiness Loan Firm 865-325-0382
Dskanke Loans
Mr. Kent Rudolph +46-728703093
Christiaan Sherry
Mike Robert Loans
Mr. William Clifford

Mr. Jubrin Mohamed
Mira Steve
Mr. Deen Dayal Diamond Finance Ltd. 704-897-7703 844-892-9893
Cecile Josee Guillerme
Lending Tree
Derek Arab Loan
Pawel Chudzinski Point Nine Capital Managing Partner +49-15735981765
John Paul John Paul Loan Service CEO
Osman Money Finance
Fastest Loan Investment
James Miles Loan Company +44-7024073903
Wonga Finance SA +27-0633005335 +27-0866078775
Stone House Finance
Dave Coop Loans
Bervely Loan Fund
Mr. George Muthoot Muthoot Financial Home
Chris Richard Loan Firm
David Collins
Jermaine Loan Group
Wilfred Lary
Rody Carter Loan Finance
Mr. Daniel Jackson
Alen Xander Walker USA Company
Willfred Larry
Victor Mark Loan Lender
David Mike and/or David Mark 951-356-1932
Chris Richard Loan Firm
Anderson Wind
Mr. Diago Jones and/or Mr. Tyrone Leonard Diago Jones Loan and Investment Company

Reliable Investment Company
Mrs. Helen Anderson
Cece Williams Loan Firm Victoria Lawson Cece Williams Financier
Mrs. Rose Berry Wilkins Funds USA
Flourish Loan Credit
Anderson Wind
Tyler Jonnes Loan and Investment Company
Springbank Financing
Cari Fast Loans Pty. Ltd. Structured Wealth Solutions
Devon Financial Partners
Mr. Murilo Moore Credit Union Agency Loan Company CEO
Steve Bruce
Anthony Jordan Sure Financial World
Mr. George Philip
Emace Osool A Finance Company
Kumar Saheed
Tommaso Giardinazzo
Aritide Assanhou
General Bank of Benin +229-98701338
Gilles Martins
Mr. Godwin Odion
Mansour Fischel UNDP Investment Funding Scheme Regional Manager
Avv. Leonardo Taylor ICTS Fin International NV Senior Project Finance In't Management
Peter Banks Loan Firm
Cashland Financial
Tom H.
Eric Baldwin Eric Loan Investments
Mark Ruddock
August Fund
Mr. Phillip James
Mr. David Thompson David Investments Limited Company CEO and/or Tony Williams Loan Company
Mike Robert GreenWorld Loan Firm
Albrecht Joanchim
James Morgan Fundings
David Cross Investment
Mr. Clark Power CLM Loans
David Mike Loan Company 951-356-1932
Bak Imre
Luis Carlos Finance
Jubrin Unity Financial Loan
First Loan Cooperation
Osman Money Finance and/or Indiabulls Housing Finance Pvt Ltd
Mr. Kelly America Loan Firm Inc.
Swift Loan
Roland Powell Swift Loan Service
Fidelity Loan Firm

Fred Loan Service Plc. 501-722-9938 814-476-8385
Viva Loans Ltd.
Mr. Yin
Mauro Giovanni +229-61446810
Mr. Steve Clinton Nino Pavan Financial Corporation Director Of Operation +91-8971231539
Mr. Johnson Pablo Johnson Pablo Loan Company

Flourish Loan Credit
Mr. Johnson Pablo Johnson Pablo Loan Company
Mrs. Sharon Coolidge
Mr. George Carson Loan Company
Mr. Michael Dickson Dickson Finance
Nagma Shaikh Finance Ltd.

Mr. Mohamed Careen Arab Loan Firm
Mrs. Priscilla Jacobs
Morganar Ericks Loan Company and/or Donald Smith Loan Lender
Barclays Financial Corporation India
Home Fund
Robolt E. Smith Aira Loan Investment
Asylum Financial Enterprise Plc.
Aira Loan Investment
Mr. Terry West Western Fund

Mrs. Lovene Wright Lovene Finance Firm USA 816-865-5025
Mr. Mohamed Careen Arab Loan Firm
Monclassieex Funds
Mr. Bilski Frank George Microfinance
Julia Navaro Navaro Loan Company CEO

Harry Porter
Mr. Graham Nelson Graham Loan Firm
Internacional Diamond Finanzas
Marcus Dreher
Wood Mood Financial Group Ltd.
Dario Thomas Ultimate Credit Limited Loan Processing Officer
Johan Andrew
Excel Finance Loan
Advert Manager Southern Finance LLC
Cecil Dore Loan Home
Sir Robert Green Micheal Financial Agency
Diamond Loan Firm
David Mike Loan Company 951-356-1932
Mr. Roberto Cavaill Roberto Cavaill Finance Company
Bak Imre +91-9873186890
Mr. Peter Pero +27-814945434
Mary Smart Service
Mary Scott David Mary Loan
Mr. John John Kennedy Investment
Credit Loan
Gain Credit Loan
Mr. Paul Vincent 865-325-0382
Finance Group Company
Mrs. Thompson Jennifer Jennifer Loan Firm 573-316-7335
Kevin Kent Loans Limited Director
Anita Maree Royal Finance Loan Consultant +27-624578073
Jacques Beseme
Steven Martins Fundings
Trust Federal Credit Union 201-942-1584



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    Phone: 209-253-1010 I looked up Michael Alan. Like all of your report He tried to sound so professional. He sent me a picture of himself with his id in his have. However when I spoke to him he was surely African. Stay away gmails representing a company are fraud

    1. yes he just tried to get me with some fake documents looks like something a 5 year old would make

  3. The following details are the details of the scammer called himself as Mr. Carter Collins, was in UK not in India and opened his business
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  5. Michael Andersson From E-Loan Finance

    This moron...they use a gmail email for their scams...eloan followed by a number at gmail.
    They will tell you that you're approved for 5k loan at 189 a month payback. They want your banking info to make a small deposit to prove it's your bank. At that point they may drain your money but most people dont have much hence they need the loan. Theyll then tell you your credit score is too low and they will deposit 790 bucks into your bank so they can get your credit score up for 24hrs (lol I know)...when it clears in the morning they want you to send it right back. Well since they have your banking info they deposit a mobile check and those always clear right then you wire back the 790 and they will then deposit 5k . Well the 790 will bounce in a couple days and you never get the 5k . They almaot scammed a friend. They said they were from Ace Cash Express...but we called Ace and they said its not them so we caught the scam before sending money.


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