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Yet another scam that I really get angry about because these scammers target those who may be in desperate need of a job.  I have seen victims' stories where they have lost everything in these scams including their families and homes.  Scammers targeting jobseekers find victims through legitimate job sites, social networking sites and freelance sites.  They will also post ads on job sites and on sites such as Craigslist looking for "logistics managers", "personal assistants", "payment specialists" or "account managers".  Some may or may not require your banking information for "direct deposit" in which they will either use that as an excuse to get your bank account or just ask for it to make them appear legitimate.

Some of the scammers have entire networks, complete with online databases on their fake websites for their "employees" to use.  Many of these are quite sophisticated scams and unfortunately, many victims don't hear the alarm bells until they've already done the work.  Most of the time they don't realize it's a scam until the scammer disappears on "payday".  They run a few different scams, but there are a few that seem to be a bit more rampant right now.

Check Mule

The scammers ad or email will claim that they are looking for someone to handle their payments.  They may give some excuse about having problems with payments outside of their own country and that's why they need people like you.  Some of the scammers try to copy well-known company names, others may require utmost secrecy and are very vague about what their company does.

In short, what they will have you doing is either receiving a bundle of their fake checks or they may even have you printing the checks yourself.  Then you are provided a list of names and addresses to mail the checks to.  The purpose of this scam is to have you use your mailing address and information to help them scam even more victims by sending out the fake checks.  This way, none of the checks can be traced back to them.

Payment Mule

Many times, scammers use the guise of "mystery shopper" or "personal assistant" to perpetrate this fraud.  It's despicable what these scammers do because many times the victims are innocent people looking for legitimate "mystery shopper" jobs.  The scammers tell potential victims that their first "job" will be to receive a check and they are to cash the check at their bank.  Then, they are told to take the cash to a Western Union or Moneygram and send the money to someone else.  The scammer may also tell them that if they do this "job" well, that other types of jobs will come.  In all cases, the check is fake and when the bank returns the check, the victim is responsible for the money.  In some of the cases I've seen, the victims may have cashed multiple checks before the bank returned the first one, leaving them thousands of dollars in the negative.

Reshipping Scam

The reshipping scam is a way for scammers to launder their money, use stolen credit cards and/or get merchandise to resell or use themselves.  They will typically call the job "logistics manager" or "distribution manager".  They will use stolen credit cards, stolen Paypal accounts or fake checks to purchase merchandise online.  They will have the items shipped to your address and when you receive the merchandise they will have very specific instructions on how to reship the items.  They may have you test used products, take detailed photos of the items, record serial numbers, print "packing slips" and in the end, repackage and ship the items to another country.  They do this with mules to avoid anything being traced back to them.  Once the scam is caught, all documentation will lead back to the victim, not the scammer.

Foreign Workers Scam

The emails sent out in this scam can be very convincing.  They may often appear to be sent by legitimate companies for legitimate positions, but I assure you, these are scams.  The emails will be specific about needing "US" or "UK" or "Australian" workers only and that they are needed in a foreign country.  A popular target for these scammers also seem to be Au Pairs and cruise liner employees. They will ask for your Resume or CV and passport.  Of course most people will reply that they don't have a passport and that is the scam.

Once they know you are interested, they will then have you contact a fake immigration office or travel agency.  Then you will be required to pay all sort of fees to supposedly get your travel documents and passport in order to go to work for the company overseas.  As in all scam cases, they will have you send the fees through Western Union or Moneygram which is NOT how ANY country requires you to get your travel documents.  You will never receive your passport since there is no real job or real agency.

The best way you can protect yourself from scams like these is to:

1) Steer clear of emails that sound suspicious or are too good to be true

2)  Do an internet search for the email address the sender is using.  Many times it will more than likely appear on sites that report scams

3) NEVER give your bank details to someone you don't know, especially if you "met" them through uninvited emails and especially if they ask you to email your information to them.  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.

4) NEVER send money to someone you don't know, especially if they ask you to send the money to another person in another country (Africa should sound the alarm!)  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.  Legitimate companies will also NEVER have you send money to an individual's name through Western Union, Moneygram or any other money sending service, even if they are in the same country.

My list of past employment scammers for search purposes:
*Please do not report these emails to the service providers.  The scammers will simply create a new email somewhere else making internet searches fruitless.  We don't want them creating new emails because as long as they continue to use these email addresses, people that search will find them listed as scam emails.
Dr. Jaxton Lauis HManager Highgate Private Hospital +44-1224459799  VISA SCAM
Mrs. Mary-Ann Watford MSC Cruise Line Australia  VISA SCAM
Captain Rachael Jacobus Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Australian Directorate of Immigration VISA SCAM
Lilly Stanfield Exxon Consultant Office Recruitment Manager  VISA SCAM
Mrs. Irene McInerney MSC Cruise Line Management VISA SCAM
Mr. Frank Lesson Cosnug Computers  MONEY MULE
Bragg Tom Hiring Manager Mars Chocolate Bar 646--568-5418 914-267-9517 CAR WRAP SCAM
Michael Raymond First link Computer Inc  MONEY MULE
Jianguo Chen Public Department Tiangong International Co. Ltd MONEY MULE
Carnival Cruise Lines Recruitment Agent
Logistics Industries Personal Manager  MONEY MULE/RESHIPPING SCAM
Mr. Hoon Fortex Industrial Ltd.  MONEY MULE
Mrs. Dwana Hughes Best Western Hotels Canada  MONEY MULE/RESHIPPER/VISA SCAM
Iris Barrera RESHIPPER
Mark Marshal Parkway Consulting Firm  MONEY MULE
Jackson Jose IWPE International Welfare on Poverty Eradication
Bragg Tom Hiring Manager Mars Chocolate Bar 646-568-5418 914-267-9517  MONEY MULE
Sebastian Paterson Best Package Forwarding Service  RESHIPPER
Yasumaro Agehara Managing Director Tamoro Investment
David Payling New Job Openings +44-7024012289 +44-7045719324 +44-8712531946
Mr. Jouichirou Aiko Sadako Toshiba Corporation  MONEY MULE
James Hamilton BlissWorld Oil & Gas blissworld communication  MONEY MULE
Dr. Brown Mike
Nasim Sloan Rush Delivery Service  RESHIPPING SCAM
Eleanor Bowman Mail Forwarding Corporation  RESHIPPING SCAM
Hector Lambert Rush Delivery Service  RESHIPPING SCAM
Erasmus Doyle MONEY MULE
Mr. Donald Morison Toshiba Corporation 647-785-7670  CHECK MULE
Engr. Ping Regional Representative  MONEY MULE
Mr. Zhang Ping Guangdong Chemical Ltd. Asia Recruitment Officer & Legal Representative  MONEY MULE
Melanie Winters  RESHIPPER
Carlos Grant  RESHIPPER
Michele Ferrero Assurantie-En Financieringsbedrijf Herasto B.V Skype: aefhbv-financier  MONEY MULE
Mr. Ka Ling New China Chemicals Co.  MONEY MULE
Mr. James Collins The Real Royal York Hotel Manager  VISA SCAM
Mark Jameson Human Resource Manager Recruitment Agency VISA SCAM
Recruitment Manager Jinjing Honghui  MONEY MULE
Princess Cruise Line Australia VISA SCAM
Blair Milo Secretary Fortex Industrial LTD
Sassie Shop 646-543-0576  MYSTERY SHOPPER SCAM
Mr. Maxwell Smith BHP Billiton HR Dept +44-7045758771 +44-7092871465  VISA SCAM
Mr. Jeremy Mcgrew Program Director Calko Canada Inc.  MONEY MULE
Mr. Jeremy Mcgrew Calko Canada Inc. Programme Directors 678-253-4700 315-659-4057
Engr. Jin Regional Representative MONEY MULE
Bill Crawford Forrester Research Inc MYSTERY SHOPPER/MONEY MULE SCAM
P&O Cruises Line Management  VISA SCAM
Mrs. Ruckstuhl Hamblen C/O Assistant Recruitment Human Resources P&O Cruises Line +61-243220326  VISA SCAM
Mrs. Ferreira Natasha Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Sydney +61-290324061  VISA SCAM
Australian Department of Labor  VISA SCAM
Australian Department of Labor  VISA SCAM
Code Logic
Dr. Andrew Mendev Home Finance Company MONEY MULE SCAM
James Peterson HR Manager Exxon Mobil Oil Gas Companies  WORK VISA SCAM
Sir Matthew W. Schuyler Chief Human Resources Officer Hilton International Hotel London +44-7010046608  VISA SCAM
Sir Mathew W. Schuyer Chief Human Resources Manager Hilton Hotel +44-7014214375 +44-7503450067 VISA SCAM
Mr. James Bevan British High Commissioner +91-7838463775  VISA SCAM
Joshua Dickinson 908-336-1086  MONEY MULE
Robert Frase  MONEY MULE
Charlotte Perth  MONEY MULE
Ralph Daly  MONEY MULE

Mr. Sun Xiao Lan Shougang Group Co. Ltd MONEY MULE SCAM
Shawn Collins Opus One Winery Promotion Manager 440-941-5486 CAR WRAP SCAM
Princess Cruise Line Australia  WORK VISA SCAM
Richard Chance Market Research Inc. 973-932-0736  MYSTERY SHOPPER SCAM
National Jobs Media Jonathan
Mike Petroff Kehe Food Distributors Human Resources Senior Director  RESHIPPER SCAM
Dr. Peter Kay Wan Tang Chemical and Hydraulic Co. Ltd. Secretary  CHECK MULE

Monica Benson Cirrus Consultants Inc. Recruiter Manager  MYSTERY SHOPPER SCAM
Smerud Medical Research Micheal Hilton Recruitment Manager MONEY MULE SCAM

Anthony Lake Fonds Des Nations Unies Pour L'Enfance Fund of the United Nations Children UNICEF Canada General Manager WORK VISA SCAM
CNRL Oil Company Canada WORK VISA SCAM
Canadian Industry CPI WORK VISA SCAM

Mr. Robert Kernweis Gateway, Inc. Manager
Mr. Michael Woods and/or Mr. Tom White

Leo Chapman West MSheed & Jhanda Associates President +32-70406077  MONEY MULE SCAM
Mark Henry Daical Chemical Industries Ltd. Sales Manager     MONEY MULE SCAM
Costa Cruise Line Australia
Mrs. Coonghe Fullard Costa Cruise Line Australia +61-261334517561 WORK VISA SCAM
Mr. Arons Lo Nanjing Panda Electronics Co. Ltd. MONEY MULE SCAM
Kiyoshi Junji Kyoritsu Seisakusho Co. Ltd. MONEY MULE SCAM

Mr. Walter Smith MONEY MULE SCAM
Ms. Helene Fagart  MONEY MULE SCAM
Mr. Ken Lo Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd. Director +852-63476733 +852-63775077  MONEY MULE SCAM
Charles Williams Bonax Fem- Es Textilipari Kft. Company Human Resource Manager MONEY MULE SCAM
Ping Chang PC Furniture Ltd. MONEY MULE SCAM
Mrs. Elaine Quentin McInerney Carnival Cruises Australia WORK VISA SCAM
Gerald Hoppe Bonax Fem-Es Textilipari Kft. MONEY MULE SCAM
CNRL Oil Company Canada WORK VISA SCAM
Steven Hurricane RESHIPPING SCAM
Richard Driver Stonebridge Software LLC CAR WRAP SCAM
Derrick Roger CAR WRAP SCAM
Mr. Alfred Bell Pedras Spring Water CAR WRAP SCAM
Mr. Wong Lee Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. Human Resource Manager MONEY MULE SCAM
MSC Cruise Line Australia WORK VISA SCAM
Azamara Club Cruise Australia WORK VISA SCAM

Mrs. Silvana Dos Santos Petrobas Oil & Gas Company Corporate Headquarters Human Resources Manager +55-11959188944 WORK VISA SCAM
Tamara Decker Edmont Shop LLC. HR Manager MYSTERY SHOPPER SCAM
Japan Machinery Company Mr. Yon Mark Liu MONEY MULE SCAM
Cruise Staff Australia Management WORK VISA SCAM
Mrs. Jennifer Rosales Carnival Cruises Australia Human Resources Assistant Manager WORK VISA SCAM

Ryan Pearl Modeling Company
Hazelton Hotel Toronto Human Resource Department 416-352-6120 416-352-1934
Mark Ford General Sales Manager 254-300-6375 PERSONAL ASSISTANT SCAM
Mr. Phyllis Riccia Equator Oil and Gas Ltd. Chief Executive Officer MONEY MULE SCAM
Hydro Quebec Inter
Norwegian Cruises Line Australia +61-261552902280 WORK VISA SCAM
Mr. Dean Fox China Blue Chemical Ltd. MONEY MULE SCAM

Toby Peyton-Jones Consular Cooper Human Resources +44-7092857814 WORK VISA SCAM
Stephen Hester James Lucas WORK VISA SCAM

Mary Morrison MSC Cruise Public Affairs Australia WORK VISA SCAM
Mrs. Charlotte Katherine H/R Assistant Manager North Star Cruise Line WORK VISA SCAM

MSC Cruise Career Affairs Australia Portuguese & English WORK VISA SCAM
Captain Ferreira Natasha Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection +61-290324061 WORK VISA SCAM
Paul J. Goodman Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd. Human Resource Division Manager WORK VISA SCAM

Carnival Cruise Line Australia Assistant Recruitment Manager +61-284248801 WORK VISA SCAM
Princess Cruise Line Australia Management WORK VISA SCAM
Lewis Hawkins MM-Group Industries MONEY MULE SCAM
Camilia Brunnet Blue Sky Film Studio Talent Scout
Dalian Machine Toolz Limited HR Department



  1. I've had one, repeatedly, wanting me to ring a possibly expensive phone number.

    One 'agency' had only 5 jobs, and they had these same 5 jobs listed on the govenment jobsite for 3 months. These were general jobs that loads of people could do!

    I think they also use the job adverts to get your details. I had a tax man scam e-mail to the e-mail address that has only been used for searching for a job.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to post your comments!

  2. Does this sound legit? Thanks
    Mar 28 (3 days ago)

    to me
    Hello Kim,

    My name is Steven Deaver, you can simply call me Steven! I am the Distribution Manager at New China Chemical,I received your job application regarding the Administrative Assistant which is still available but for now you will be directly and temporarily working with me.

    I need assistance with some errands because I am constantly out of town, as a matter of fact, I am currently on an official/business trip to Dublin, Ireland. I will prepay you in advance to temporarily do bill payments, placing and expediting orders, picking-up and delivering/mailing items and you can do these at your current location and whatever you expend on transportation will be totally reimbursed.

    I will be back in the States by April 19 2016, this is when you will start the administrative office functions as stated in the job posting which will be in our new branch at Summerville South Carolina,I will email you the list and pictures of what to shop for, provide clear set of instructions for each task and I'll pay you $12/hr ($120 for 10 hours every week) plus I will pay for mileage/travel and all expenses. The hours are flexible so you can spread 10 hours a week on your own time to complete each week task.

    This position starts as soon as possible so.

    1. How soon can you start?
    2. Which of your names would you prefer to be called?
    3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    4. What are the top 3 skills of an General Clerk?
    5. Do you have any questions?

    Hope to hear from you soonest.
    Best Regards
    Steven Deaver
    New China Chemical

    1. No - it is NOT legit. It is a scam. They will send you a fake check, have you cash it at your bank, keep some and send them the rest. Then the check will be returned to your bank as FAKE and you will be on the hook for all the money AND could face legal action.

  3. Ive received an email from a gregory mensah from email

    I was stupid enough to reply. Since reading your information, I think its a scam. They now have my address. What should I do?

    1. Received email from Mark Moton from for office assistant...just make sure you do some research on everything included in the email it's not hard to figure it out. The first sign will be your gut. Next check all websites, names both company and personal, emails, and any other clues in the email. It doesn't take long to figure things out. I find this by simply putting this email in the search engine.

  4. I also received an email from a Gregory Mensah using asking for personal information to qualify me or do a background check for a personal assistant job. I have not responded.

  5. Does this sound legit? Thanks
    From: Patrick Albert

    Good Morning,
    We have reviewed your interview answers and you seem like a perfect fit for this job position cause you have been a very wonderful and active candidate from the beginning of this job interview and i am impressed with your full concentration and participation.
    The result for the interview is on my desk....
    The good news have just been confirmed qualified for this position Well the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company. We will like to see your Diligence, Charisma, Commitment to this job.
    You scored 59% on the interview Question answered!!!
    Congratulations !!!
    How would you like to be paid if you been offered this position? Via Direct Deposit, Credit Card Transfer or check. What means of payment would you prefer? Weekly or Bi weekly?
    What Bank do you operate with to see if it tallies with the company's official salary payment account?
    I need you to provide me with the following:
    *Full names:
    *Date of Birth:
    *Email Address:
    *Cell Phone numbers:
    to enable my secretary enlist them into the Company's database for proper documentation.
    I would be expecting your reply as soon as possible and congratulations once more.
    Patrick Albert.
    Human Resources Manager
    GreenSprings Vacation Resort, Virginia.

    1. No - it is NOT legit. No company hires without a face-to-face interview, and no legit company would use such horrible language and grammar in supposed "official" emails. Delete and ignore the email.

  6. Attention: Sophia Petgrave

    We are pleased to advise you that your visa processing documents have been approved today 09th of November 2017. The Crew visa and permit are already on the process and will be issue here in Australia for a perfect visa assessment and to assure direct information from your employer. Please we create no room for your visa to be issued in the country one applied from. All visa and permit will be issued here in Australia.

    Before we can complete your Au visa/working permit processing,
    you must get a Merchant Mariner Card (MMC) and a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card which shows that you are cleared to enter and work in maritime security zones of our ports, ships in Australia/USA maritime port.
    The discounted fee for a TWIC card is $139 while for a MMC card is $128 making it the sum total of US$267(Two hundred and sixty seven united state dollars) Including Courier Service fee that will be used to courier your documents to our office.
    Your TWIC card and MMC card must be submitted in our office within 72 hours and to avoid delays, your payment must be send to Department of employment & Foreign Service office Guinea through Money Gram or Western union Money Transfer for urgent receiver of your payment with any banks or office in your country that has Money Transfer order facilities.

    Receiver name: Ambassador Mrs. Anne Campbell
    Address: Maritime zone 02 H/Q Koloma Commune de Rotoma
    Country: Guinea
    City: Conakry

    A recommendation letter has been forwarded to Department of employment & Foreign Service Guinea (GN) office where we have negotiated the cheapest price. Once you have made the fee, you're required to scan your proof of payment copy to their office on email: and your TWIC card and MMC card, must be send to you within 24 hours.

    Your TWIC and MMC Card must be submitted in our office within 72 hours and any delay in responding to emails sent to you, your visa and working permit application will be cancelled.
    Karen C. Walker
    Position No: 60041709
    Visa Processing Officer
    Department of Immigration and Border Protection
    Sydney Australia
    Fax: (02) 9032 4061


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