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Oh, my.  I think out of all the scams I see, these make me the angriest.  There are a few different variations of this scam as well.  Sometimes, the scammers target you on social networking sites or dating sites and usually portray themselves to be service members of the military from the UK or the US.  Other times they will pretend to be contractors working for a foreign government in another country.  These scammers are despicable!

In short, what they typically do is target people who are truly looking for their companion.  They will schmooze their victim with love letters, poetry, stolen photos.  Eventually something will come up where they need money.  If they are pretending to be a soldier, the usual story they give is that they need you to pay for satellite phones or leave for them because they can't access their money.  That is in NO WAY true.  Military service members NEVER pay for leave (especially via Western Union or Moneygram).  Military service members already have telephone access and communication networks set up to communicate with their families back home.  Military service members ALWAYS have access to their pay.

Unfortunately, by the time these scammers have earned the trust of their victim, their victim is already in love and willing to do whatever it takes to meet them in real life.  At the end of the scam, the victim has lost their money as well as their heart.  These scams make me furious for not only the financial damage they cause but also the emotional damage they leave!

Scammers who set up dating profiles and/or social networking pages for their scams most always use stolen photos from the internet.  I highly recommend checking these photos with Google.  You can do that easily if you are a Google Chrome user simply by right-clicking on the photo and selecting "Search Google for this image".  If you are not a Chrome user, you can right-click on the photo and select "Copy image location" or "Copy image URL" and then go to Google Images, click on the camera icon in the search box.  Then right-click in the search box, select "Paste", then either click on "search by image" or just hit "enter".  This will search the digital information in the photo to find it other places on the internet.

The best way you can protect yourself from scams like these is to:

1) Steer clear of emails that sound suspicious or are too good to be true

2)  Do an internet search for the email address the sender is using.  Many times it will more than likely appear on sites that report scams

3) NEVER give your bank details to someone you don't know, especially if you "met" them through uninvited emails and especially if they ask you to email your information to them.  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.

4) NEVER send money to someone you don't know, especially if they ask you to send the money to another person in another country (Africa should sound the alarm!)  Legitimate companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this.  Legitimate companies will also NEVER have you send money to an individual's name through Western Union, Moneygram or any other money sending service, even if they are in the same country.

My list of past romance scammers for search purposes:
*Please do not report these emails to the service providers.  The scammers will simply create a new email somewhere else making internet searches fruitless.  We don't want them creating new emails because as long as they continue to use these email addresses, people that search will find them listed as scam emails.

Loveling Egobia +233-548562266
Suzy Martin
Sharon Davis
Mrs. Selina Chow Liang Shuk-yee
Miss Gift Ater
Father Patrick Moses
Miss Jessica Mary
Becky Janba
Agace Baby
Tosyn Kanute
Miss Zainab Hassan
Agace Peterson
Grace Jambo
Abigail Mukazi
Anne Shaima
Florence Martins
Precious Janson
Grace Adams
Miran Brown Patel
Sarah Kones
Rev Isaac Ambrose +221-777042125
Precious Jones
Tina Jimmy
Anita Hans
Ruth Adam
Allice Barros
Anthony Afasano
Mrs. Beatrix Elliot
Samara Ahmed
Jessica Albert
Gbeto Gibro 
Karen Dike
Ben James
Serenan Baturi
Sarafina Williams
Daniela Wilson
Miss Jessica Albert
Daniela Wilson
Jill Smith
Sarafina Williams
Miss Dallia Joseph
Gibrilen GB Djibriless Gbto
Ms. Sophy Patrick
Sarafina Williams
Joseline Ndaday
Jessica Mary +44-7024052645
Pastor David Babarata +229-98872137
Sgt. James Anderson
Sarafina Williams
Joseline Ndadaye +221-766484379
Mr. Philip Hampton Royal Bank of Scotland International Transfer Manager +44-1315498888 +44-1312084524
Vanessa Jonasen
Karen Dike
Sharon Howard
Miss Hope
Fatou Colly
Karim Linda Umar
Miss Abla Mohamed
Myra Leon Ahme
Deanna Ballard
Jana Al-Baz
Anna Soman
Sergeant Avriel Harry
Nancy Johnson
Sarafina Williams
Meriam and/or Sarah Zamba
Sarafina Williams
Miss Nancy Ogwo
Kseniya Mi
Pero Kuferee
Moraine Abbas
Miss Jina Morgan
Miss Rudo
Sun Maria
Sarafina Williams
Ms. Antonio Galiana and/or Benedita Manuela and/or Ella
Naomi Douglas
Gen. Susan Jane Helms
Benedita Manuela
Miss Joy
Benedita Manuela +46-774218887
Lisa Adwoa
Lisa Adwoa
Tina Jimmy
Miss Lillian Wilson
Miss Tina Jimmy and/or Lemi Milla
Fräulein Maria Perez Perissinotto
Miss Lilian Wilson +221-766500870
Mr. Robert Curtis
Olivia Thiara
Anita Pretty and/or Anitat Pretty
Anita Martin and/or Jose Yakaba
Reverend Father Collins Christ for All Churches +221-781067755
Fake US Military International Leave Board and/or Nigerian Army
William Siegal

Remi Umar
Lilian Garba

Elmira Fine
Mercy Gado
Miss Merit George
Nelly Jimmy
Miss Azalea
Miss Joy Milla
Ms. Lizzy Morre and/or Elizabeth Moris
Lizzy Moris
Cynthia Washburn

Jenifer Anderson
Lizzy Morre
Martin Anders

Joy Peter
Miss Jovita Gomeze
Sabelle Marcus Babi

Lina Kabbashi
Lt. General Susan J. Helms
Lina Kabbashi
Jovita Gomeze

Lina Kabbashi
Miss Doris
Jack Antonik
Sammy Allan Davis
Laurent Michel Bavay
Miss Miracle Omani
Armelle Jamain
Lina Kabbashi
Caroline Svensson
Lisa Williams
Miracle and/or Mircle
Miracle and/or Mircle
Miracle Omani
Miracle Omani
Miss Miracle
Ms. Herita Matthew
Karin Bengt
Lina Williams
Sienna Cotty
Lina Williams
Amanda Bryan
Bella Kolo and/or Embraceakis Depart and/or Akis Edessa
Lina Kabbashi
Miss Aimal Hashmi
Favor Mark
Miss Calantha Ndadaye
Nelly Jimmy
Blessing Williams
Miss Nelly Jimmy +221-767455234
Joy Good
Julia Cotty and/or Amanda
Miss Amanda Bah
Christina M. Hammock

Amanda Bah +221-781718842
Patricia Baby
Joy Good
Mark Mill
Miss Gift Abdel
Miss Gift Abdel
Miss Sandra Larry

Miss Kate Maxwell
Sgt. Monica Lin Brown
Maureen Maxwell
Jeanne Sambou
Mahir Bayram
John Willams
Mrs. Sofia Bahizire
Miss Fatima

Mrs. Tolma
Lt. Selina Nitra
Susan Abraham

Helen Johnson and/or Johnson Helen
Roselin Brown
Miss Grace Abraham
Gift Herbert
Joseline Ndadaye
Lina Kabbashi
Judith Aron
Derrick Pamela and/or Pamela Derrick

Favour Dokie
Jenny and/or Jeni Karuma
Vicky Williams

Miss Cecilia
Maria Daluwa
Miss Julian Coulibaly
Miss Mariyah
Terry Catford
Rose Patrick

Ms. Sofia Bahizire
Kavita Agurma

Alisha Buto
Miss Amin
Miss Elina Mike Abdul


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  1. A lot of these scammers and frauds have migrated into and settled in at Words With Friends (Zynga) game site. It has ruined the fun of playing. Best advice, is to NEVER put your photo up there, as they will not only target you and game you, but steal your photo (identity theft) and use to scam others...and DON'T chat with them.


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