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Thursday, January 29, 2015

419 scam email from Linda Sango

Dear Friend,

I know you will be surprise to receive this mail. Let me give  you Brief
 information about myself, my name is Miss.Linda.Aka the only surviving  son and daughter of late Mr.John.Aka.Sango. from Zimbabwe, may his soul rest in perfect peace.

I got your contact in the international magazine when I was searching a
reliable person who will assist my family out of this predicament herein
ivory coast.  My father was assassinated last two years in the war zone
area in Zimbabwe. My mother (MRS ANGELA AKA.SANGO) ispresently in ivory coast where we were granted political asylum but ihave to come to ivory coast west Africa because it is more convinientfor me to be here .

I inherited the sum of 15.500 Million (fifteen million  five hundred
thousand) U.S dollars  from my father,this money was deposited in a private security  company in ivory coast by my late father,before his death, I have every documents to thisfund.

My reason for contacting you is that this country is knowlonger a safe
place for my family investment for the fear of encountering the same
experience of my late father in future since both countries has the same
political history and , based on this point we seek for your assistance as
a reliable partner to do this transaction with us Abroad.
If you are interested in assisting us to invest thismoney in your country
or becoming my partner in business, please try to contact me as soon as

Endeavor to keep this transaction very private and confidential, Because
it's my family lifetime future investment.  Pleasereply me on this

Best Regads,

Yours faithful,


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