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Friday, February 27, 2015

419 scam email from Moon Khan Ward captain in the army us II Marine Expeditionary the Multinational Division Center basis Kabul Afghanistan Moin Khan Wardak

from: Moin Khan Wardak <> 
date: Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 4:27 PM
subject: Thanks

Hello Dear,

My top unit in making contact with you is to reserve a business
suggest with immediate and rapid execution.
My name is Moon Khan Ward. I requires you to provide brief details, as
my name stays off security anonymous. I will give you all the
necessary details about me once trust is established between us.
Please  read thoroughly and return to me through my personal email
Address ( but you have the obligation to
refuse if you're not interested.

I am a captain in the army us. II Marine Expeditionary the
Multinational Division Center basis. In Kabul Afghanistan. Am
currently with NATO's naval force on monitoring and peacekeeping
mission in Afghanistan.
Eventually,2014 we have Intel on an existing terrorist camps in
Marjah. After immediate invasion, conquered, and we
successfully solved the camp of some members of this recording group.
In the process of torture they confessed as rebels for Abu Baqir a
Taliban sub-commander and al-Qaida leaders, and they
took us to a cave in Marjah. which served as their camp.

Here again we have sorted goods and money, running into hundreds of
millions USD. We decided, as in the other goods and keep the cash. I
have than in my possession the sum of 11.7 million U.S. dollars my
Well the problem of a military official is. As it is actually not
really my money in possession. So therefore am in keen need of a
reliable and secure trust worthy person receiving the box, and to
protect it up to my arrival, which should be soon. I have to take that
chance, because I have no other option but to
trust someone and my time is quickly elapsing. Am orphan without
friends or relatives. All I have is my wife and daughter, and they
deserve a decent life since I currently unable to work and my duty
once I be relieved from the base hospital. I discharged to move to
your country with my family and invest the money in accordance with
the law, with your advice and support.We can work together and achieve
a better future for our families. Please allow me to register, Include
your name as a family treasure and you are expected to retrieve it
once its in Europe. I trust you to maintain the absolute secrecy and
confidentiality to protect this great achievement. In less than 4
days, the box is in your possession and I will give more
instructions. But now I have taken precautionary measures for the
money. The box is safe with high security gadget encodes know so I am
the only one that has the right combination to unlock it. I give you
30% of the money and 70% for me. I think that's a fair deal, but you
are welcome to negotiate. Please you declare
interest by using the following information
Full Name ..............................
Full Address .............................. .........
Direct phone number ................
Professional ............................
Scanned copy of your ID card.
I await to your positive response and anticipation of receipt of your
information, I will open my identity as soon as we begin. We do not
have the luxury of
time so kindly respond ASAP (

Yours sincerely,
Moin Khan Wardak

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