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Sunday, March 29, 2015

419 scam email from Mr. Elleny Offia +229 9779 6533

from: Mr. Elleny Offia <> 
date: Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 1:45 PM
subject: MTCN 1920409393 for your $4,000 dollar

This is to inform you that your first payment $4,000 dollar has being
sent to your name. I want you to copy this link below and paste it on
a window to confirm that your payment is available for you to pick

Sender Name: THOMA TERRY
(MTCN): 1920409393
Amount : $4,000 us-dollar

The payment of $4,000 dollar will get release to you as soon as you
send the rest $100 dollar to me today. I want you to go to Western
Union now to send the $100 dollar today and Wait for 30 minutes to
receive your first payment $4,000 dollar..

Your first payment $4,000 dollar will get release to you within 30
minutes if you send the $150 dollar to me now.. So if you want fund to
get release to you, Go now to send the $100 dollar to me now to get
your payment $4,000 dollar release to you in 30 minutes time

Use this information below to send the $100 dollar to me now through
any money transfer around..

Country....Benin Republic
Zip-code.... 00229
Address... 302 Senade Akpakpa
Amount..$100 US-dollar

Call me immediately you send the $100 dollar today.. call Call +229 9779 6533
Best Regards

Mr. Elleny Offia
Call +229 9779 6533

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