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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

419 scam email with fake FBI ID and stolen photo of Fedex package from Agent Alex Rafael

from: Federal bureauofinvestigation <> 
date: Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 2:59 AM

I am Agent Alex Rafael, the FBI representative at the ATM PAYMENT CENTER. I believe that my superior, Fbi Director James Comey, must have already introduced me to you. I have attached my identity card at the ATM PAYMENT CENTER to this correspondence for proper introduction so that you can know who you are directly dealing with in person and also your Atm Visa Credit Card Sealed Package has been attached for you to know that everything necessary about your fund is intact and ready to be delivered to your destination after you fulfill the obligation required of you.

I received your mail and Thank you for expressing your Feelings to Me. I know where you are up to, it's because you thought this is a SCAM that's Why you said all this, not to Talk of the huge Amount involved in it. But i will want you to know that as far as I am concern, Nobody is feeding on your money And I am not interested in it. If not for the purpose of dispatching your ATM CARD, I shouldn't have in the first place ask you for a cent.

I am making it so succinctly that I am not after your money . Which is not up to My first Son School fees i do pay, not to Talk of feeding My wife and kids, My duty is to make sure that the Bank Draft gets to you once you sent the Delivery Fees and that is all.

The Choice is Yours to Pick your ATM CARD And and Cash Your Fund. I don't want you to see it as if I am forcing you against your wish. I have told you Nothing but the truth about this Compensation that has been given to those people who have been scammed before , If there is anything you are Thinking that this Compensation is a scam well on the contrary I am not a Party to that. I believed in honest living, I CAN account for any Cent I Earn Today. I Hate cheating and dis-honest people. That I am working as an Agent does not mean that I should soil my hands in corruption.

I will strongly tell you to proceed today and make your choice of delivery and get back to me so i can go immediately and registered your ATM CARD Parcel for delivery.

Please provide me with the following details:


After the details your ATM card will be registered with FEDEX COURIER SERVICE

NOTE: A sum of $200.00 has to be made to this office to effect the delivery of your ATM CARD at your possession.

Thanks for your understanding and i hope to hear from you ASAP.

I await your swift response.


Agent Alex Rafael.

attachment; filename="Agent Alex Rafael.jpg"

attachment; filename="Sealed Package.jpg"

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