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Friday, May 29, 2015

419 scam email from Mrs. Justina Luke Western Union Money Transfer +229 9943389

from:    Western Union Money Transfer <>
date:    Thu, May 28, 2015 at 3:34 PM
subject:    Your payment Alert From Western Union Money Transfer


I am writing to inform you that we have sent $5000 Usd via western union as we have given the mandate to transfer your payment of the total compensation of $500,000 via western union by the United Nation.

Please be informed that the funds are coming directly from the United Nation Fund headquarters in West Africa . It is a Grand Donation from the United Nation and ECOWAS to support individuals financially due to the global and financial economic meltdown. Your email address was selected globally as one of the beneficiaries this year and we are only to pay beneficiaries once they meet their financial obligations. Because you did not pick up the funds on time we decided to pull back the funds on hold until you were notified about the payment sent to you.

Western Union is not allowed to make all payment at once to individuals without proper identification for security reasons, so you have to make the payment of $65USD for purchasing your International Remittance File (I.R.F) and opening of a western union account before the funds can come in from western union, then you can withdraw all your funds in just5 mines Do not get the doubt in mind about this because this is not a scam and as soon as the payment of $65USD is confirm, your account will be setup and the details of the account to gather with the certificate of ownership will be sent to you and put you as the receiver (bearer) of the funds on how to pick up the money from any western union office / outlet in your country.

In regards to your mail that was received in this office and was noted, we received the information you sent to us for the transfer of your fund valued at USD$500,000.00 on installments daily transfer of $5,000 USD per day. Note that we will be transferring the fund to you$5000 USD per day as the western union protocol restricts us from making transfer of fund more than $5000 USD per day from Africa .

You will not be able to pick this payment up because it has been put on hold by the payment supervisor.  In accordance to the new rules and regulations of all the western union money transfer worldwide, you are to make payment for the swift programming and MTCN transfer tax to your country which will cost you $65usd before the transfer can be released to you for pick up.Bear it in mind that the fee is not negotiable and we can not release the transfer to you today if you did not send the required fee.Be informed that the fee cover for the transfer of all your fund and not just this first transfer meaning that you will not be required to pay any fee again for the rest of the transfer. asp/orderStatus.asp?country= global
1.SENDERS NAME:...........Herve Adjenia
2.TEXT QUESTION:.............Sent
3.TEXT ANSWER:......Yes
5.MTCN .....................3827850242

You can still track online again but we have pick up and keep untie you make the payment. You are advised to go to the nearest Western Union Money Transfer agent around you and send the fee immediately because the fee is the only delay for your fund to be released as the fund is presently on our system.Do send me your phone number in your next mail for oral directions.Below is the information you will use to send us the fee of $65USD Via western union to our account officer

1) Receiver's Name:NNANNA NWEKE
2) Country: Benin Republic
3) City Cotonou
4) Text Question; god
5) Answer; Green
6) Amount........$65 dollar
7) Mtcn Control Number..........

After making the payment you are to send payment information and scanned copy of payment receipt to my email below.Furnes mike As soon as we receive the payment of the $65 USD from you. We will put your name as the receiver and you will go to any western union and pick up the money you are to fill in the details below for sending payment to you as soon as the western union account has been setup.

TEST QUESTION: {optional}
ANSWER: {optional}

You can also go to the website @ and track your transfer and see that your money is there but needed the above stated fee to redirect the transfer to you for your easy pick up. Note that within 72hrs if you do not remit the required $65 USD which has already been made ($5,000 USD )It will be withdrawn back and remember that the money details given to you does not bear your name as the receiver until you make the payment of the $65USD.

Once you send the money, send the payment information immediately for easy pick up and your transfer shall be released in two hours after confirmation of the payment. We a wait to receive the payment information.BE ADVISED ACCORDINGLY.

Yours in Service
My direct phone line is +229 9943389

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