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Sunday, August 30, 2015

419 scam email with Stolen Photos from Romance Scammer turned Orphaned Refugee Miss Lilian Wilson +221-766500870

These stolen photos are also being used in other scams under the name of Miss Sylvia Musaha!

from:    Lillian Wilson <>
date:    Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 1:14 PM
subject:    Re: Hi

Hello dear,

I have the belief as i promise you right now in the name of God, that this communication will later be a testimony in our life. though we just known each other through internet which is now an unsecured means of communication, since some people of wicked mind without conscience come here to tell lies and put others in trouble. please read my message very well, though it may be the least of what you expects from me since we are just new friend. It is my wish and desire to tell you all about me due to my happiness from knowing you. My name is Lillian Wilson, born and raised up into a Christian family that cherish the principle of good moral child,  i am from Jubal Darfur South Sudan northeastern Africa. I decided to let you know everything about me because i have faith it was God that lead me to know you, After fasting and prayers to God. My birthday is 19-10-1990. My father, Late Dr & Mrs Frank Wilson, of the blessed memory was a business man. He was previously a diplomat that served at South Sudan in Ethiopia and Senegal. Death never give me the opportunity of having to enjoy the comfort of my good home for long, as i first lost my mother two days to my 17Th birthday anniversary. It was after the death of my mother that my father concluded that South Sudan is no more safe for girls, my father take the decision that i will continue my education in Senegal which he said is safer country with his previous experience there, since many people have been raped and killed in South Sudan without justice being done to the rapists.

Tears always slip my face each time i remember the events that took my father's life when i least expected and expose me to struggle for survival in life, but for what i am and not for my beauty or family background, i have learn to accept and face challenges. I am alive giving account of my life experiences saying Thanks to God Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Crisis broke up in my Country that caused the instant death of my younger brother with other relatives though my father survived with serious multiple injuries from the rebels. My father sent for me through our family lawyer of which i arrived to South Sudan from Senegal and met him receiving treatment in a hospital bed in Juba Darfur. My father gave me a file containing some documents and told me that our family lawyer is also with some money which he will be sending to me if i have need in my studies and other things until he recovers from his injuries without sensing that death is already at the corner. On Tuesday the 30Th of December which is exactly five days after the incident, my father gave up the ghost and after his burial according to Christian rites, i took some money from the lawyer and traveled back to continue with my studies in Senegal. When it was time to pay school fees, i tried reaching our family lawyer whom i was told have left South Sudan, i had no other choice at that time than to disclose the situation to school authority which took me to the camp of United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR) in Route de bambilor / Lac rose, Rufisque B.P 632 Rufisque, Senegal, from where i am writing this message and i proclaim All Praise Be To God for keeping me alive till today.

One of the documents in the file given to me by my late father was a bond certificate of Two million three hundred US dollars, in an account he opened with a leading bank of which i am the next of kin to the account. I waited to reach 25 years because in the bond certificates was written that should if anything happen to my late father, I being the next of kin would inherit the money after attaining 25 years. I have communicated with the bank and was searching for a sincere person to help me retrieve the money from the bank since the bank said a person with refugee status can not transact with them, being a clause from United Nations and i need that money to be able to regain my life back out of this camp. I am also ready to relocate and meet with you once you accept me with all your heart. The bank requested me to appoint a representative on my behalf as trustee giving them his first and last name with email address so that they will tell him how to take the money on my behalf.
You can reach me on my phone [ 00221766500870 ), i am staying at the female hostel block 104A. attach here is my pictures. I have already developed confidence with you since i believe knowing you was through divine intervention but please promise and assure me that you will always stand by me even after receiving the money in your account if you are willing to help me. I am with the wish and desire that my quiet and peaceful life will come through your help and in all i proclaim (Glory Be To God) for guiding me to know someone like you as i expect to see your reply soonest.

Your new friend,

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