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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gold scam email from Mr. Segu Sissoko

from:    segu sissoko <>
date:    Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 11:46 AM
subject:    Re: gold dust & bar offer

Dear Sir,

I have good news for you have a serious and ready Buyer, we can make
some money from this transaction and work with time because this
transaction is time limited.

I just finished meeting with the people that came from Niger; they
came with 186kg of gold bar from Niger but the main source is Libya
and the gold has to be resmelted to our form of local gold from Mali
to mask the source of the gold and free movement.
These men from the Niger want the gold sold at $25,000usd per kg
urgent and instant sales without any delay.

I have discussed your commission our commission to 10% of total sales,
they accepted it, see below for the sales procedures.

1, Buyer come to Mali in maximum 72hours to inspect the gold and pay
for the shipping cost 7% which is deductable from the final payment
after delivery and assay in Buyer refinery.

2, Buyer will pay the total amount of the gold to an offshore account
provided by the Seller to Buyer, the fund is not coming to Africa at

3, Buyer will pay agent commission directly from the fund to agent
nominated bank account immediately after assay in Buyer refinery.

The above is the simple procedure to do this transaction, remember
that they are also in contact with other Miners and brokers, so we can
make this transaction if your Buyer can arrive earlier in Mali time
for this transaction.

Talk with any interested Buyer about the situation and come back to me.

Awaiting your response.


Mr Segu.

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