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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

419 scam email from Mr. Harry Duru Fund Movement Terminal and Director of Statutory Department of Inter Banks Offshore Terminal Comptroller Mr. Elvis Diplomatic Security Consultant

from:    Harry Duru <>
date:    Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 5:32 PM

I have had several thoughts towards this and have as strong feeling that you and I can champion this business before contacting you.

I wish to assure you that my position remains authentic and I promise you on my ability to deliver your fund to you without any hitch. Furthermore, every required documentation needed on this mission including our AA flight ticket (I and my colleague) will be taken care by us. But the Diplomatic Bullion Boxes will be procured by you at your own cost ,Therefore, the responsibility (cost) of that will be taken care by you This is your only responsibility on this delivery arrangement.
Diplomatic Security Consultant Contact details:

NAME: MR Elvis

Contact him immediately with your telephone number and international passport and order for the standard size of the bullion boxes with the cost only.

The large, the medium and the standard. The standard can contain up to $10.5 million dollars in high denomination while the medium size can contain up to $15.5 million dollars. But the best way is for you to use 2 equivalent boxes of the Standard size, so that there will be space for accreditation documents and cover-up packing including the Stencil Papers, which can protect the contents of the Box from Camera Screenings. The reference part numbers of the Boxes are as follows:

Large Size: DBB820 TC1101208
Medium Size: DBB640 TC1102416
Standard Size: DBB620 TC1112405

The three numbers are the reference part numbers, which the Consultant will use to supply the boxes to us. Therefore, contact the Consultant urgently through e-mail address or phone number:
Kindly send me your Full Name, Full Address and Telephone number.

Please request for either the Standard or the Medium Box and send your name, address, particulars and picture via email to us. For easy operation and in order to avoid strenuous interview, it will be most ideal for you to contact us directly. It is better to use this Nigerian connection because the Spanish connection are very inquisitive and they ask too much questions.

Please be very careful and avoid oral discussion with the friends of any kind including their new Senate President (DAVID MARK). Because their eye brow may raise alarm only for Diplomatic mission.


I am a South African citizen and the Comptroller of Fund Movement Terminal and Director of Statutory Department of Inter Banks Offshore Terminal. Our Liaison Desk is situated at the West African Terminal 122 of UNION BANK OF NIGERIA PLC and in Asia at the RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA European Terminal at the DUTCH AUCTION SYSTEM with head office in New York City attached to Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, which oversees and inspects the fund movement per-inspection for CBN and other related ECOWAS member states. Our Terminal office is in Lagos Nigeria. So, we operate from Lagos and take delivery mission to any part of the world. In the interest of safe operation, I wish to identify myself thus:

My name is Mr.Harry Duru
My Address is : Pretoria, South Africa
My age: 57 Years Old
My Color is: Black
My hair is: White and Black

My Colleague's description is as follows:

from North-lake, Illinois USA
Age: 53 Years old
Color: White
Col-our of Hair: Black

it is very important for me to inform you that I and my colleague will expect the sum of $200,000.00 dollars, as soon as we deliver the money to you. The money must be paid once we perform, because we will not have time for any delay which will affect our presence in the office. Our arrangement is only for a (4) Four days absence in the Office after which it will be uncomfortable for us. Therefore, I will request you to confirm that you will not delay us. It may interest you to know that we have done this operation for some beneficiaries in London, Japan and Switzerland without problems and delay of any type.

i will come to the extent of releasing my international passport which is against the process ,it is either the beneficiary believes in me or let his funds go, he ll' still continue contacting some officials who are only after there money,the administration of president JONATHAN GOODLUCK who was sworn in on the 29th of May 2012 vowed to pay all foreign debts that is why he has handed over all transactions to UNITED NATIONS, so if you wish you adhere to my instructions, but if you like dont, your money can not add anything to my person,all we need is a diplomatic bullion box we do not request any UPFRONT PAYMENT from you ok,all expenses both our flight ticket is being taken care of by united nations,so just get back to us and we will tell you how much they sale it now depending on size,remember we have lots of deliveries this last quarter so there is little or no time for delay, so try and make sure we secure the bullion box at the cheap rate as we have
lots of deliveries at hand now.

In fact, the Switzerland man paid us on the spot as soon as we delivered his money. It was a beautiful outing. Also, the Japan and London clients re-confirmed our flight return ticket the same day we arrived and completed all transaction in their car where we handed over the Bullion Box and they opened and checked it and paid us upon satisfactory and put us back in a taxi to the Airport. Therefore, we cannot accept delay, so that we can return quickly back to the office. If you have agreed to our above request, the method/system and requirements for this operation is as follows:

METHOD/SYSTEM AND REQUIREMENTS: We are going to use the Diplomatic System to carry the fund to you. This system is usually used by Diplomatic Personnel to move funds under cover for International operations. It was introduced by USA during financing of secret agencies operations. This system enjoys Diplomatic immunity, which will protect the Bullion Trunk Box from searching, investigation or exposure. We will arrange to secure the updating of our Diplomatic immunity and there will be need to obtain the Fund Movement Bullion Box usually used for Diplomatic mission. This box is operated only through a high sensitive card which must bear the infrared Picture of the beneficiary. The box can only be opened if the bearer of the decoding card is the Picture element conducted and instrumented in the Security lock card. Also, there is a key-code which has a 16, or 21 or 12 digit numbers depending on the size of the Bullion Box.

This digital numbers is the decoder of the Inner Inter locks, which will either accept to open or refuse if the Picture of the beneficiary in the card is not present before the micro eyelash of the Bullion Trunk Box. Because of this sophistication, the box cannot be opened without your presence. And that makes it very ideal for Diplomatic immunity, since you can be present only when we have reached you.

For us to secure this Bullion Trunk Diplomatic Box, you must get back to our Diplomatic Security Consultant in Nigeria. The Consultant will need your Picture through e-mail attachment, so that they can download directly from the system into the Box Inter-Lock and in-flare the instrumented locker control card. Also, they will furnish you with the secret digital numbers, while they will furnish us with the Stuffing code, which will allow us to load the fund into the box. The boxes are in many types and sizes.

After which I and my colleague will be ready to travel. Further directives will be furnished to you. Also, be rest assured that we are capable of delivering the cash to you at your doorstep without any problem both at the Airport or at the Custom, because we have diplomatic immunity and cannot be checked at any Airport.This Diplomatic system is the best, more secret, more sure and without the 'American eagle-eye' monitor through the Financial Services Authority and the Security network. Please, act accordingly and inform me. Also reply to confirm your receipt of this message.

Yours Sincerely,

MR.Harry Duru

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