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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

419 scam email from Mr. Mark Damion Diamond Bank Western Union Director

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Opt Benin / Benin Telecom
City: Cotonou
Country of Origin: Benin

from:    Diamond Bank Western Union Director Benin Republic <>
date:    Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 3:51 AM
subject:    Attention Valuable Customer,

Attention Valuable Customer,

This Email message is reaching you From DESK Of Mr.Mark Damion (WESTERN UNION) Foreign Remittance Director COTONOU- Benin Republic.

Listen My Dear Customer,it is my pleasure to inform you that I understand your situation very well,and also you need to re-commend my efforts so far on this transaction.Kindly is rest assured that I have tried so much on your behalf by bringing this transaction in order,I have secured all the documents on your behalf without informing you, just to make sure that this transaction is been final completed and transferred to you without any more further delay.

Once/again; be fully informed that the only problem we are having right here is your personal signatures which the Federal Ministry Administrator Fund's Benin republic requested that you must signed on these certificate before we can commence on your fund transfer.I personal told the officer in charge that it will not be necessary for you to come down here due to your occupation or any other thing that may in hinder you to come down here and signed the document in person.The Federal Ministry Administrator Fund's said if you cannot able to come down here in person, that you must get an attorney who will sign those certificates on your behalf.

And I personal believe that this is the only way we are going to succeed on this very fund transfer, so I went out to look for a good attorney  who will do the signing on your behalf after all my effort I have being able to get Attorney (Johnson Ogu),who agree to signed the certificate on your behalf with the sum of $160,

I pleaded with him to signed the certificate on your behalf at least when you received your first installment of $5,000 you will pay him the $160 with interest, but he refused and said if you cannot be able to come up with the total fee right now, you can send the half of the payment which is the sum of $80.00 US Dollars then once you received your first payment of $5,000 you will pay the balance of $80.00 with interest.

If you are satisfied with the above directives kindly send the half of the fee to the attorney with the information Below:

AMOUNT-----------$80.00 Only
MTCN -----------
Senders Name; ------

Final; Note that As soon as the attorney confirm the fee today he will signed the certificate on your behalf and your first payment will be release for immediate pick up under 3 and half hour that the fee has been pick up without any more delay,

NO MORE upfront fee once this Certificate is been sign. Bear it in mind that your total fund is the sum of $2.5Million and you will be receiving the sum of USD$5,000.00 daily per each Transfer until you received your total fund completely.

Get back to me once you made the payment to enable have the Certificate signed today,so that you will start receiving your payment as it was approved and programmed.

Yours in service
Mr.Mark Damion

Western Union Director Benin Republic

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