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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

419 scam email with Stolen Photos, Fake IDs and Fake Documents from James Ghandi ESQ Ghandi & Co. Solicitors +44-7045790538 +44-7012988171 +44-8435622550

These stolen photos are being used in multiple survey scams, romance and dying widower scams under other names as well, including:

Worley Morrison
Arrigo Carlo
Toms Kelvin
Paul Domingo
Albert Williams
Lucas Gonzalez
and more ...

from:    JAMES GHANDI <>
date:    Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 3:52 PM
subject:    RE: Legitimate Proposal(Charity Work)!!...

Address: 80 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DU
Tel: +44(0) 704 579 0538, +44 (0) 701 298 8171
Fax: +44 (0) 843 562 2550



Am glad to hear from you, i have been waiting to receive your mail since the demise of Harold. Well i would like to know if you will pick up this project with me, am also sorry to pass this news of the demise of my client as we never expected it would happen at this point. He wasn't doing good at all before he left for Israel and told me to ensure that i work with you, he said James please finish this with and use this funds to help the poor around the world. Setup a FOUNDATION in my name. Not knowing that would be the last time i would hear from him, i promise you that everything will be fine only when you adhere to my given instructions. This project would take a maximum of 2 weeks at most to complete, firstly the Court would need you to remit RETAINER FEE which is 3,500Pounds=$5,500USD With this payment, the court would prepare all necessary legal paperwork's making you the next of kin. Without the court approval there is no way we would have access to this funds, since he is late.There are some legal procedures i have to follow, firstly we have to face the important parts of the next of kin process.

Furthermore he only informed me that he would want to make you his next of kin but was never documented, there was no writing in his WILL. But since he told me that he would want to give his entire estate to you which includes other properties and a company, i will do everything to make sure everything is done in the right manner and his estate released to you. All i need for you to do is adhere to my given instructions and i promise that your time and investment would never be a waste, do not in anyway disclose this project or the paperwork's to anyone. The only way we can get this estate release ASAP would be following my guidelines, otherwise this money would be seized by the government since there is no legal next of kin to his entire estate. I promise him that i would work with you and do my best to make this a dream come through, help you to make sure his wishes are fulfilled. I need to get all paperwork's ready and the only way to start that now is to get the RETAINER FEE paid to the court, he never left any resources with me and i don't have access to his estate yet. Until i make you the next of kin, so get back to me so i instruct you on how to send the RETAINER FEE to me ASAP so i can kick off immediately. We have limited time, before anybody finds out i have to prepare all legal documents in the courthouse stating you as the heir to the estate of Harold Wells Mesh.

I would apply for a grant of representation, there are four steps when applying for a grant of representation:

1) Complete a probate application form(International Court of Justice).
2) Complete an Inheritance Tax form.
3) Send your application(After we have made the Change of ownership).
4) Swear an oath(When you would be required to come to UK, would let you know when)

As soon as this process is done, we would get a court order(Legal Papers). To enable the entire estate of my late client to be released in your favor after we have processed the Change of Ownership, Certificate of Legality, Clear source of funds(United Nations), Affidavit of Claim, Power of Attorney, Court order and Probate from ICJ, an affidavit of claim would follow to enable the Bank to release the said funds to you. Also transferring this huge funds would attract local and international authorities that is a problem to our side, so after all the procedures have been done. We would need to setup a Trust Offshore Account which would be in favor of your name which would be in the same Bank where this funds is lodged. This is the best means though, if we tend to open with another Bank. There would be speculations. So to avoid all that stress, opening a Trust Offshore Account with the same Bank. It would be better, its just for us to apply for an in house transfer from the Non Active Account of my late client to your New Account. Once this is done, you can then transfer the said funds to your Bank Account without any problem as they would trace and see this funds is coming from your own Trust Account. This transfer would be bit by bit, also we can move this funds from New Account to any designated account of your choice.

 Well let me introduce myself, am Barrister James Ghandi senior counsel Ghandi & Co Solicitor's and am 48yrs old and a single dad. I have a daughter who is 14yrs old and her name is Kim, i love her so much. Well as you can see in the attached photos, that is me and Harold Mesh and my beautiful daughter. Am sending this to you as trust, i will prepare the WILL soon. Get back to me, so i tell you how to send the RETAINER FEE asap.

Kindly send me a scan copy of your passport as well as the information below:







Marital Status:

Waiting to receive this information's from you.

NB: Also note that I have attached some legal document's for your own perusal to know that am real and this project is 100% genuine. Also do not disclose this project to anyone till we have completed the next of kin process. Attached to this mail are DEATH CERTIFICATE and AGREEMENT LETTER, as well as my IDENTIFICATION AND PAPERWORK'S OF THIS PROJECT.  You are to fill the AGREEMENT LETTER and send back to me, get back to me so i tell you how to send the RETAINER FEE. We need to start work TODAY(ASAP).

James Ghandi(ESQ)

attachment; filename="9384-443.jpg"

attachment; filename="2.jpg"

attachment;    filename="385487_2526806900655_635397146_n.jpg"

attachment;    filename="Deposit Certificate - Bank SinoPac.Pdf"

attachment;    filename="Deposit slip - Bank Sinopac (1).pdf"

attachment; filename="Id Card - Ghandi.pdf"

attachment; filename="Law Permit.pdf"

attachment; filename="Pppt - UK.pdf"

attachment; filename="Agreement letter.jpg"

attachment; filename="Letter of Notification 10.jpg"

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  1. Same photos on Plenty of Fish as a Frenchman working on an oil rig with a 12-yr-old daughter. Reported him there.


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