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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

419 scam email with Stolen Stock Photo from the Dying Widown Mrs. Kate Harder Mr. Godwin Emefiele Managing Director CEO Fund Transfer Dept Central Bank Of Nigeria +234-7054770374

This is a stolen stock photo that can be found on numerous news articles on the internet.

from:    Mrs Kate Harder <>
date:    Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 11:44 AM

Dear Beloved,

Greetings to you in the name of the lord, i got your email you have no
problem on this ok,Thanks for the information. I must tell you that i
am very happy knowing that i have found someone who would assist me
and I can't wait to meet with you if am still alive when this
transaction is concluded. Please you must really have to help me
secure the money from the bank and distribute it accordingly to the
charity homes for their continuous prayer upon my life.Please i really
need you to take this matter personal until this fund is being
released to you even if i die today, do not let me down. You need to
handle this project without any doubt and i assure you that your
reward is waiting for you in HEAVEN.

Have in mind that I have made up my mind to give you 35% of the fund
for your assistance and support in this project. Know that I am free
with you because I trust you with all my  heart in this project. So
please do not let me down. You may not understand why I am doing this
but I know even if I passe away the prayers of the orphanage will
secure me a place in the paradise of our lord Jesus Christ. It's so
painful knowing fully well that I may die soon.

I am providing you the contact details of the bank so that you can
contact them immediately tell them that you are contacting them in
respect of release and transfer of Mr Charles Harders fund that is
deposited in their custody. The name of the bank is Central Bank Of
Nigeria. My Husband worked for Chevron Oil Company for seventeen years
before he passed unto Glory.

Contact the bank manager immediately with the details as stated below,
Mr. Godwin Emefiele,
Managing Director (CEO)
Fund Transfer Dept
Central Bank Of Nigeria
Lagos Annex Office
Tinubu Square, Victoria Island,
Lagos  Nigeria.
DIRECT PHONE- +234-7054-7703-74

Please do contact the bank and make sure you forward the authority
letter to the bank when writing them because they will require it.Also
my picture is attached to this email;

I have sent an email already to the bank regards to this,Do keep me
updated when you have written to the bank. Thank you and remain
blessed. Please do not let me down on this project.

Thanks and regards, Remain Bless

Mrs KATE Harder

attachment; filename="mrskate.jpg"

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