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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

419 scam email from Barrister David Don Presidential Payment Unit Chairman

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Etisalat Benin
City: Cotonou
Country of Origin: Benin

from:    Barrister David Don <>
date:    Sun, Dec 13, 2015 at 9:44 AM
subject:    Attention My dear, Please this is very important and urgent ,

Cotonou Benin Republic.
Date: 22/ 09/2015.
Attention My dear, Please this is very important and urgent ,


This is ungodly and Mr. George will never go unpunished for this
ineffectual action but we are so much confused just because he bears
the same surname with you and this payment of yours was concluded just
this last friday and your name was pressed on the payment schedule
board, so this is terrible and unbelievable but we must get to the
root of this even after you have received your funds which every legal
arrangement have been concluded pending only the cost of

We have been instructed on a joint Fund Release Approval Bond dully
signed, stamped and sealed to immediately release your fund without
any delay or further demand soonest you meet up with only financial
obligation of US$45.00, it have been the responsibility of the
Government to issue you waver in other payment pending only this of
File Re- Validation and cost of Affidavit in High Court, which is the
ONLY thing you have to do for immediate and unconditional release of
your fund. This is 100% guaranteed from the Federal Government of
Benin Republic.

Meanwhile, do reconfirm your direct number to us once again or you try
to call us, for easy, urgent and important communications while you
handle this transaction very confidential and fast, so that you will
immediately receive your payment since this is the ONLY thing pending
immediate finalization of your transaction, at the same time do
indicate your best mode of receiving your payment, the options read as
follows:  Certified ATM Card, Bank to Bank Wire Transfer and Cash
Payment via Diplomatic Delivery to your Door-step.

Well we thank God that you are still alive which is the most important
thing but note that this honourable office will not want to entertain
any delay in releasing this re-approved fund, so we urge you to
urgently send the required fee (US$45.00) our attorney will provide
you Affidavit from the High Court here, that will supersedes every
other Affidavit, this fee is not deductible and without the fee, do
not expect payment from us because we are not ready to go contrail to
the legal directives which guarantee non-stop release of your fund.

Once again, below is the receiver information and note that you have
only from Monday next week for this payment while we promised to
apprehend Mr. George soonest he appears here again on Friday next week
but we have to complete your transaction before his appearance here on
Friday, work with us to enable discharge our duties accordingly by
concluding this transaction within the stipulated time frame.


Here is the information.

Receivers Name......FRANK ONU
Country............. Benin Republic
City............... Cotonou
Test Question.............Code
Answer.............. Code
Amount............. $45

Have a blessed day while urgently waiting to hear from you,
considering the time frame we have only two day for this confirmation.


Barrister David Don ,
Chairman Presidential Payment Unit.

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