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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

419 scam email from Mr. Terry Coowell International Debt Funds Director

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Spacetel Benin
City: n/a
Country of Origin: Benin

from:    Terry Coowell <>
reply-to:    Terry Coowell <>
date:    Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 6:19 AM
subject:    Attention Attention

Attention Attention

The Foreign Assets Treasure Lodgings of the United States , supplementary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury Washington, DC. Our motive is to monitor large funds coming into the United States in whatever package or via Electronically or Consignment Baggage thus I ponder on facts to get your attention.

Understand that we do not need to provide you with any more information as our first email to you explains it all. Its  with immense pleasure that I deem necessary to enlighten you more over our diligent and proactive services as commitment to the American citizens to serve with our heart and might in discharge of our duties because we are governed by principles and policies that must not be violated by any person or group of person s, and the state of affairs to which our policies are established is very unprecedented and dose not  need to suit any person as its a matter of whether or not you like our conception you have to adhere to our instructions to you.

Be well  informed that before we commence the delivery of your consignment total  worth of 20Million USD baggage to your bank or residence, the legal paperwork’s that will back off unnecessary stir up from the United States Customs Service and the Internal Revenue Service IRS of the United States has to be obtained known as 'Stamp of Duty Paperwork’s and  Permission Order Paperwork’s to avert the categorizing of your consignment baggage as smuggled illegal item into the country for the finance of terrorist attacks or Money Laundering due to SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 ATTACK ON AMERICA, a disaster that every American detest in our memory because it’s a stigma to our independence rights  terrorism they  say is the third world war. In order words the paperwork’s are to be obtained from the fund origin by Attorney General in charge.

Secondly,  we ensure that our clients are well informed and acquainted with our codes of conducts and that is the facts that the Foreign Assets Treasure  Lodgings of U.S. Department of the Treasury Washington DC can only accommodate your consignment box in the pecuniary vault of the treasury for the maximum period of ten working days, and If the baggage deposit period exceeds ten working days without being cleared out of the vault, the Foreign Assets Treasure Lodgings will automatically impose demur rage accumulated charges over the consignment, and the charges are to be  paid before the consignment baggage will be released and delivered to your residence or bank through our special agent.

Basically the obtaining fees of the above listed paperwork’s is usd79, and to avert the  police of imposing your consignment with accumulated demur-rages, you are advice to Western Union or money gram the fees to Attorney General using the information below, because the use of an account will perhaps give the room for the accumulated demur-rage charges to be imposed on your consignment due to fact that the limited time given to you to wrap-up this transaction will elapse.

Therefore I will advice that you adhere to my instruction and guidelines to you and everything will work perfectly. When your funds was being counted and arranged into the consignment box therefore i will advise, you comply and follow our instruction for immediate delivery of your funds to you.

The paperwork's will be obtained from Chief Judge by attorney General in charge, in this regards you have to wire the fees direct to Benin Republic so that we will make sure the paperwork's obtained fast to avoid scams.

Kindly Locate the Western Union or Money Gram Store to have the 79 us Dollars sent and the Transfer Payment information is stated as following below.


Receiver ........ Sam Mr.Emeka
Country............ Benin Republic
City............. Cotonou
Test Question..... who made
Test Answer.... God

I need below information as soon as you send the documentation charges,

Sender Name
Sender Address

Be informed that at the receipt of the paperwork’s from the attorney. We will not hesitate to provide our accredited diplomat agent that can deliver your consignment total worth the sum of 20Million usd without any  hitches.

I will be expecting your swift and expedited response shortly

God Bless America .

Yours sincerely.

Mr. Terry Coowell
Director International Debt Funds

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