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Thursday, January 28, 2016

419 scam email from Mrs. Sara Ibrahim Fact Finding & Special Duties Benin Accountant General of Federation

from:    Accountant General Of federation. <>
date:    Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 7:33 AM
subject:    Form Mrs Sara Ibrahim Accountant General Of federation.

Dear Beneficiary,

I am sorry for this message but you should kindly give attention and
stop chasing shadow. I Am (Mrs Sara Ibrahim )accountant General Of
Federation. Fact Finding & Special Duties Office In Benin. I Am
Writing You.

This Letter Based On The Fact That Cool Penny Is Better Than Millions
Of Dollars, Means It's Better For One To Live And Die Poor Honest
Man/Woman Than A Rich Dishonest One.During the international
investigation with international Monetary Fund (IMF), under Federal
Government of Nigeria Investigation bureau, within the Economic
Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) Region, on this
investigation was when we discovered your file and saw what your were
going through with your fund. We Have Seen Your Fund Floating Through
The Computer Network. And you have done all that is necessary to be
done to get your fund but Without Any Success.

But The Corrupt Officials with African Government Mostly in West
Africa's, Benin Republic,Cote D'ivore, Ghana, Nigeria, And London Sit
On Your Fund, asking you for payment One After Another, Just for Their
Selfish Interest And to Enrich them Self.

After You Have Being Extorted Through Some Corrupt Officials At The
various offices, Banks and attorney's. Affiliate Banks In
London/Europe/Courier companies And They Fail Not To Transfer Your
Money To You But Since Then They Started Finding One Place Or The
Order To Extort Money From You, Claiming That They Are Helping You.
Swearing With Heaven and Their Life's.
your fund and some other contractors which their names were listed on
the names of the contractors and inheritance payments to be settled.

The Federal Government named Federal Ministry of Finance to take care
of all the payment of about 10 foreigners which their names appear to
be paid.

I Am Writing To Bring This Very Crucial Issue To Your Notice And Make
You To Stop Chasing Shadow And Stop Spending Your Hard Earn Money. If
You Continue Dealing With Those Officials. I Promise You That You Will
Never Get Your Fund Rather You Will Be Asking One After Another For
Payment Or Some Fee For Some Documents and legality, Courier Fees And
Otherwise, And Those Documents Will Continue Till The End Of Your Life
Unless You Stop Now And Find A Solution To Your problems.

If Your Fund Is illegal, The Government and other ministries couldn't
have approved it for the first time. Therefore Be Wise And Realize
Your Senses Now. Benin local News paper have reported the release of
your fund from Government of Benin. And these thief refused to release
your funds.Their Tricks Of Extortion Will Never End Unless You Leave
Them Now And Stop Further Communications with all those people
contacting you that they will help you Because If You Continue dealing
with them, They Will Continue Giving You Some Sweet Stories That Will
Make You To Believe Them. But You Will Only Regret Those Things

This Fund Have Been Floating With Banks But They Never Wanted To tell
you the simple thing you should do to Transfer The Money To You
Otherwise They Wanted To Exhausted You And Make Sure You Send All Your
Life Savings To Them Just To Enrich Them Self. A Word Is Enough For A

However, I Will Only Help You To Get This Money Transfer To Your
Account With The Following Condition.

1}That you most stop further communications with all those people that
have been extorting your money. If You Accept The Above Condition, You
Should Contact Me So I Can Simply Let You Know What You Will Do To Get
Your Fund release.

Note; For security reason and in other to service you better, You
should only contact me with my private email stated bellow for in all
your correspond with me ( )or Telephone:+229

Yours Faithfully
Mrs Sara Ibrahim.

Accountant General Of federation.

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