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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

419 scam email from Mrs. Esther Godwill

from: esther godwill <> 
reply-to: esther godwill <>
date: Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 3:36 PM
subject: My Beloved One

Dearest in The Lord,

Thanks for your email and care and I know that God will help me by passing through somebody by helping me and that person is you. I am really confident and convinced that it is the will of God that my contact to you for this project will bring glory in his name. It is really unfortunate that I was unable to fulfill this promise I made to my late husband due to my health situation however I give glory to God in every situation.

I contacted you to help me receive the money my late husband deposited in a Bank here and use it for charity as I have stated bellow this email. The reason is that I am very sick now and can not be able to handle this kind of transaction now due to my state of health. This is why I am confiding in you to handle this project as to fulfill the wish of my late husband and my vow to God.

I only want you to promise me that you will use this money when you receive it for the glory of God and will not betray this trust and confidence I am reposing on you.

I want you to forward to me the following information so that I can use it to obtain an Affidavit from the Court that will empower you to contact the bank for the transfer of the funds to you without delay.

1. Your Full Name as it is written in your ID card.
2. Your Complete Address
3. Your Country of Nationality
4. Your Sex male or female
5. Your Age

Bellow is the way I would want you use the funds when you receive it, 40% must go for Charity purpose which will include taken care of orphanages and Widow’s care etc. 20% should go for the work of God while the remaining 40% you will keep it for your own care and for all your efforts.

I believe that you understand my intention and note that my actions is inline with fulfilling the wish of my late husband whom have mandated me to carry out this charity work but my health will not allow me. So I am confiding in you and believe that you will not let this confidence down.

I am looking forward to receive the above information as soon as you receive this email. And I will send to you the certificate of deposit of the funds with the contacts of the Bank.I will also send to you a copy of the Affidavit when it is ready for it is the document that will permit you to contact the bank for them to transfer the funds to you.
I wish you all the best and may God bless you.

Remain blessed,
Mrs. Esther Godwill

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