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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

419 scam email from Marylin Sultan Ahmed Choudhury Islamic Bank of Britain Plc United Kingdom Managing Director +44-1214567840

from: Mary Lin <> 
date: Tue, May 24, 2016 at 9:11 AM
subject: This is the bank contact.

Hello my dear
How are you doing together with your family, I hope all is well ? here is my phone number  +447989010764
NOTE  do not call me, you can SMS me, Because Bank set security to monitor every member of the Bank due our banking rule and regulation

Kindly make sure that this information will be between you and me until we actualized the success of this transaction,  What i want you to do now is to apply for the release of the fund into your account, Make sure you keep a top secret of this transaction because i don’t want any staff of the bank to know that i am responsible for this transaction  This is where i lay the future survival hope of our future, and its was the reason I tried to explain for your best understanding

You should not change your name and nationality in this transaction because you are going to apply as the business partner to the deceased customer  Note, if you send this letter to the bank, the bank will not delay to contact you, but you should not respond back to the bank until i direct you on what to do

This is to avoid mistake from your part , See the official letter below, send it through to the bank through the bank email address  of the bank as follows.

Bank Details
Islamic Bank of Britain Plc United Kingdom
Managing Director,  Sultan Ahmed Choudhury
Address       PO Box 12461 Birmingham B16 6AQ United Kingdom
Phone        +441214567840
Bank Email

Immediately this fund is transferred into your account, then i will obtain visa to your country for the disbursement of the fund according to my proposal ratio, Immediately you apply update me that you have sent the letter to the bank.

My best regard to you and your family,
Your Faithful,


Bank Details
Islamic Bank of Britain Plc United Kingdom
Managing Director,  Sultan Ahmed Choudhury
Address       PO Box 12461 Birmingham B16 6AQ United Kingdom
Phone        +441214567840
Bank Email     

Sir / Madam,

I am ............ the business partner to Late Mr Mahmoud Adama, who was assassinated on February 06, 2008 when Gun men shot him while still inside the capital Libya, Tripoli

After his funeral celebration, i discovered that he have an unclaimed and balance account Fourteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars. ($14.5 Million) deposited in your bank when he was alive.

I hereby wish to bring to your notice that i am eager to apply for the funds claim as his business partner to enable your bank release and transfer his balance account of ($ 14.5 Million) into my nominated bank account, Upon your urgent response to this effect, I will send you my bank account information for the transfer of the above mentioned sum

So i expect that your bank management will pay an urgent attention to my request and communicate to me further with the related forms and documents necessary to claim this above mentioned sum without delay.

I apologize for late application for this claim as i have been arranging other things left since his sudden death occurred.

Yours sincerely,




  2. me too, but in the last week. Now I nearly lost my money to them. Fortunately, I don't have money to pay them .Hahaha

  3. moi aussi j'ai reçu cette proposition d'investissement au nom de sabine durand de londres mais j'ai décliné l'offre . un ami ayant accepté l'offre s'est rendu compte que les mêmes lettres d'offres de partenariat que nous avons reçues ont été envoyées à d'autres personnes par une certaine Marylin marilyn pour un transfert d'argent sur votre compte de la somme de 14.500.000 $ ; soyez vigiants , c'est une arnaque

  4. more scams

    Dear: Sir/ Madam,

    Greetings my beloved one

    I have received your email with the response to the SMS message that was sent to you. I am even surprised to see your late response because I sent the SMS message one week ago when I was still in South Africa and I thought you will no longer respond since it was days back.

    l have decided to contact you first via SMS due to the urgency of this transaction. I was in the Republic of South Africa for 7 days to search for an area of investment, just return back to London last week.

    Let me start by introducing myself properly to you. I am Mr. Gideon Harris, an account manager with the ISLAMIC CAPITAL BANK OF (UK) PLC. I am contacting you in respect of an investment you probably would be interested in.

    I know you might be surprised how I got your contact number, I got your contact number from the South Africa chamber of commerce and industry in a Private Search for a Reliable Reputable Person to act as next of kin to a deceased account when I was in republic of South Africa that was the reason why I selected you to work in partnership with me in this project if you are interested.

    The investment has to do with the funds of a deceased client. Who has no next of kin as he died with his wife and only child; I was his account officer before he passed away. I am contacting you as I have all documents relating to the account and can facilitate the claim.

    The client was having a total sum of Five Million British Pounds (£5,000 000.00) in his fixed deposit account with my branch. The funds have been there in his account for over seven years with no one to claim the funds.

    I have an arrangement to legally make you the beneficiary so you can receive the funds in your account as the legal beneficiary and you will get 45% of the funds, 55% for me.

    I will also need you to help manage my share until I retire, and please be rest assured that this will be done legally and this transaction would have to be kept absolutely confidential.

    When I get a reply from you then I will give you more information.

    Thanks and regards

    Mr. Gideon Harris

    Tel: +44 770 030 8630

    Fax: +44 844 774 4581

  5. I think Jesus should intervene in this, this lady must be put down or other wise, the whole world is under trouble.

    She keeps on changing her emails and right now she is using,

  6. She is now using Masuda Frankel plus be careful she is still contacting me only God knows how she got some document

  7. previous day i received the same email.

  8. Moi aussi j'ai reçu une mailing conncerne cette operation de la somme de14500000£, qui ce que vous pensez de cet truc ? Merci?

  9. She is now using this email address,

  10. I have received the same message but the person who sent the email called herself Evonsiana Ahota,she claim to work with the bank

  11. I received the same email but this person called himself Johnson Philip

  12. I also recieved the same email with the same message..

  13. I received the same email but with the name "Claudia Helwig"

  14. i ma also receive same emails and fraud mails


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