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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Organ Donor scam message left as a comment on the FraudFYI blog from Coimbatore Kidney Centre Hospital +91-7678048924

Posted by Bala Mukundhan
WE NEED KIDNEY IN COIMBATORE KIDNEY HOSPITAL We are very much in need (urgently ) of kidney now sir. we will not have enough times to be demanding for your personal information's. Please note that we can not buy your kidney without the nkf donor certificate. Only when you have the certificate then you are eligible to sale your kidney to any hospital in India. But if you already have the living donor certificate then scan it into our email so we can proceed sir. A kidney is bought for a maximum amount of $177.947,83 USD which,00india rupees Contact number:+917678048924 email: on 419 scam email from Dr. Dave Gray Dave Gray Hospital +91-8553893934

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