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Friday, July 29, 2016

419 scam email from Bishop Benson Charles Dr. Steven Uche Money Gram Agent +229-63916705

from: Dr Steven Uche <> 
date: Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 11:34 AM
subject: Attention Beneficiary

Attention Beneficiary,

Through our intelligency monitoring unit we discovered your email
listed as scammed victim, This message is to all the people that have
been scammed in any part of world, United  Nation Organization have
agreed to compensate all scammed victim with the sum of
US$2.500.000.00million (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars) This includes all foreign contractors that may have
not received their contract and sum people that have had an unfinished
transaction or international business that failed due to scammed

This is to inform you that your $2.500.000.00Million USD will be send
to you via Money Gram transfer. The total amount mentioned above is
with Money Gram Office,Note you will be receiving $6,500.00 every day
until your total money have been completely transfer to you.

Call Dr Steven Uche : Tel: +229 63916705 now and ask him to give you
REFERENCE NUMBER and every other information you need to pick up your
$6,500 today. Here is what he may require from you.

Your Receiver Name.
Your Country.....
text Question.....

Feel free to contact Money Gram transfer with this information bellow
Email ( ) You are advised to contact Dr Steven
Uche Director of Money Gram transfer Benin Republic as he is our
representative in Benin Republic, contact him immediately for your
compensation payment of $2.5million he will send it to you

We have concluded our effect to your payment through Money Gram
transfer $6,500.00 daily until the ($1.5million) is completely
transferred.So you advice to contact our Agent office in Benin with
bellow information.

Money Gram Agent;Dr Steven Uche
Tel: +229 63916705

Best Regards
Bishop Benson Charles

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