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Sunday, August 28, 2016

419 scam email from Dr. Sayid A. Hassan's Dying Widow Mrs. Maya A. Hassan

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Trifour
City: Eau Claire
Country of Origin: United States

from: Mrs. Maya <> 
date: Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 4:06 AM
subject: Reply me for more information

My name is Mrs. Maya A. Hassan,   i am the wife of Late Dr. Sayid  A. Hassan, a medical doctor that worked with NATO rescue team here in Syria.

I got your esteemed contact during my comprehensive research for a reliable and trustworthy individual in your country. I will need your help in this situation I find myself.  I lost my only daughter in school bomb attack  i am really afraid and i don't know whom to confide in.

I have some money that my late husband Dr. Sayid  A. Hassan  lodged in a HSBC BANK UK volt with the help of UK red cross International. He made the money in the president of Syrian Compound (Bashar al-Assads) during a search in rescue mission as a Nato medical rescue team. He was later been shot and die during another attack  operation by the rebels, I have kept this to myself  as secret for a little while and now I need someone I can trust to work and transfer this money out of  HSBC BANK UK  because the European Financial regulators are scrutiny on individuals that kept money in  HSBC BANK UK  volt for avoiding tax (you can visit this link    and see that if I dont move the fund  out from  HSBC B
Please I will need your help on this aspect in getting this money out of UK to secure this fund; I can forfeit 25 percent of this money to make sure it is safely transfer to your account until I join you in your country for us to make use of the fund for investment in your country.

Unfortunately, I am in a hospital in Damascus here in Syria where I have been undergoing treatment for kidney failure and Higher blood pressure, this started after I got a shocking news about the death of my only daughter in a bomb attack in school, even I lost my ability to talk and my doctor had just warned me to stay away from any kind of phone communication because of my present condition.

Please get back to me soonest via Email and i will put you in contact with my family lawyer in London who will help easy the process to lift the money from UK Bank Volt. I wait for your respond as soon as you receive this message so that we can proceed on fast, because nobody knows what is going to happen next in this war country that we are living inSyria and i believe you will be of good help in making this a success. I will be reviling the said amount immediately you give me your word of confidence to go ahead for this because is a very huge amount of money.

I had in mind to open and operate a firm in your country as soon as the money is in your possession; I want us to invest the money in a very lucrative sector, from my wide consultations I was encouraged to focus in your country because the economy is growing at a stable rate.

If you know we can do this together judiciously, Please feel free to reply me via Email for more

Yours truly

Mrs. Maya A. Hassan.

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