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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

419 scam email from Hon. Muhamad Peter The Fund Control Committee Chairman +229-98212266

from: fund control <> 
reply-to: fund control <>
date: Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 7:22 AM
subject: Fund Control Committee

This is to inform you that Michael Raynor, the U.S. Ambassador in Benin has intervene on your case due your fund sum of three million dollars compensation fund owning you in Africa. they are representing and protect the legal interest of every American,Europe,Arab and Asia on such Transaction. He provides pages on the bilateral relationship between the two Countries as well as on foreign policy,economic affairs,domestic issues,and U.S society and values.The various sections of the Embassy work together as a team to address the goals of the Mission.

We write to inform you of the breaking news of your compensation fund which you have been expecting sending money for so longer without a good result up to date from the financial regulatory bodies of this Country, from their report I gathered that your compensation fund which was scheduled to have been remitted to your destination point by some corrupt officials with intention of on asking you to pay endless money.However, I went to Benin Republic International Criminal Organization after USA Embassy Board of Directors for investigation,and in their bid to launch a full scale investigation into the saga,they found out that the reason why you were swindled in the past and still not been able to receive your expected fund till date was because you were dealing with the wrong people without involved USA Embassy Representative, unscrupulous elements and impostors that were impersonating.

Everything was settled today and the Ambassador order our bank to pack the whole fund into a consignment box or ATM CARD and ship it to your home address with immediate order.I have made all arrangement with a diplomatic courier company to deliver the package fund to you today and the diplomat will leave here tonight to your destination.Please reconfirm your current home address,direct telephone number so the diplomat will contact you when he arrive your country with the package.Try to honour this message so you will receive the three million united states dollars into your account or atm card

hon muhamad peter.
The Fund Control Committee Chairman

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