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Monday, August 22, 2016

419 scam email from Mr. David James Republic of Benin Ministry of Finance +229-98377748

date: Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 10:32 AM
subject: Attention: Dear, Compensation by the government Benin Republic.


I'm Mrs. Joy Richard, the Ministry of Finance Cotonou (central office). This is to bring to note that after the meeting of the conference we

had the government of this country to realize that you are among those involved in the scam victim we have on our list offset

the government of this country as the instructions of the United Nations (UN) Governor

This state of Cotonou Benin Republic has instructed this office to send the file to HEADQUARTERS WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER PAYMENT

you pay the sum of US $ 1.2000.00 through Western UNION.His Excellency the Governor has instructed the department to pay Western Mr.

Ebuka Nwabufo to send the sum of US

$ 1.2000.00 through its custody to facilitate recipient of the funds. You are in touch with them now to ensure that your fund is transferred

Once you send them the information necessary to avoid bad transaction.According requirements WESTERN UNION TRANSFER money

they will receive their fund delivery rate of $ 5,000.00 a day until the US $ 1.2000.00 is completely transferred accordingly.

You are in touch with them now

with the information below to prevent incorrect operation.

Reconfirm your address
(1) Your full name: ...............
(2) Your phone number ..............
(3) Your contact address: .................
(4) Your age: ............................
(5) his country .......

Listen very carefully, tell Mr. David James is recommended that you contact him by Mrs. Richard Joy. Ministry

Finance here in Cotonou, Benin; Bellow is your contact information.
Contact with this information below:
Contact: Mr. David James,
Email: Address :( or
Phone :: +229 98377748
Address: 455 Agbokou, Ankpa ROAD, LAGOTES PALAR.COTONOU Republic of Benin

Please do not forget me update as soon as you receive your first payment.
Best regards.
Mr.David James,
Ministry of Finance Republic of Benin

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