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Monday, August 1, 2016

419 scam email from Mr. James Howard US Federal Reserve Bank Remittance Department Director

from: James Howard <> 
date: Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 10:56 AM
subject: From Federal Reserve Bank New York

Federal Reserve Bank New York
33, Liberty Street, New York, NY 10038 USA.
Ref.: Final Payment Release Update.
Amount Valued: US$10, 500, 000.00.


I am obliged to update you of the meeting held today between the US
Department of the Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency,
the International Monetary Fund and other concerned monetary agencies
regarding to your fund valued $10.5m which was returned to the
government treasury account due to your inability of fulfilling the
required financial obligations for receiving the payment.

After going through your payment files, I have come to understand the
inconvenience and financial commitments you have invested so far for
the pursuit of this fund which was all to no avail.

However, considering your efforts towards achieving this aim, we have
come to maintain equity, justice and fairness in our dealings with
beneficiaries such as yours, hence we have insisted that your funds
should be reversed from the government treasury and be released to you

So on this note,  we have immediately secured an approval for payment
on your behalf and have processed your fund release to this effect.

Therefore all you were required now is to reconfirm your residential
address, occupation, telephone number and your complete banking
details where the funds would be transferred to you immediately, hence
we avoid being held responsible in any wrongful transfer thereafter.

Awaiting for the required information as soon as possible to enable us
expedite immediate action on your fund transfer now.

Thanks in anticipation of your co-operation,

Yours sincerely,
Mr. James Howard ,
Director Remittance Department, US Federal Reserve Bank.

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