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Saturday, September 10, 2016

419 scam email from Gen. Randyl Robert Taber 216-285-9228

from: Gen. Randyl Robert Taber <> 
date: Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 3:27 AM
subject: Confidential Business Proposal

Greetings to you and your entire family.

My name is Gen. Randyl Robert Taber from Facebook, I am a 4 star army
general serving with the US army in Afghanistan and Syria, before I
proceed I want you to understand the nature of this business and we
need trust and honest to be able to work together. I have been in
Afghanistan for years now; during my stay here we the solders
something discover many things from abandon homes, banks and Security

During  one of our operation campaign in Afghanistan, my team was
responsible for a lot of raids to many palaces and while one of such
raids was going on we discovered the sum of $40 Million dollars packed
in military trunk boxes and hidden in  underground house secret

As a soldier my first instinct was to report this but on a second
thought I have sacrificed years of my life to serving and protecting
my great country America, most of us have lost friends and loved ones
in the line of duty and for me I have been married twice before of
which ever lasted for up to 3yrs due to the nature of my job.

My 16yr old son turned to drugs as he lacked parental guidance and
eventually died from overdose. As a matter of fact, I can't begin to
mention all my sacrifices and losses but know that the glory of
America is built on our pain & blood. This is why I decided to use
this opportunity to make some fortune for myself since the funds
belonged to an ex tyrant. As the leader of my unit I reported
$20million dollars out of the funds we discovered and gave other
officers some amount and left with $12 Million with me.

One of us was a flight lieutenant working with UN in Afghanistan and
he is from Cambodia, he helped me to move the remaining $12million
dollars with the help of another Red Cross worker also from Cambodia,
as I am talking to you right now the money is in Cambodia for
safekeeping until after my assignment as we have been deployed to
Afghanistan to help out in the ongoing war on terror and to train the
Afghan soldiers and after I will move to Syria so I don’t know when I
will be back.

I want to know if I can trust you on this because I want to entrust
this transaction in your hand. I am ready to offer you 30% of the
whole amount; all we need to do is to connect you with the security
company in Cambodia so that they can inform you on how to collect the
deposit legally.I am ready to invest this money in your country.

The boxes left via Swift Military Courier as a special and secured
immunity delivery to a safe storage company, and it is coming this way
to avoid hackers and hijackers on line from tracking the boxes and
sending them to the wrong person. I must assure you that you will
benefit very well and you will never regret assisting me, but on the
other hand you must be very careful never to expose this deal to any
third party until we finalize everything unless someone that you trust
so much.

Apart from any carelessness from your side, I have already made solid
plans to ensure that this deal is 100% untraceable and risk free. Your
efforts and assistance will be rewarded with 30% of the money if you
are able to handle this deal and investment until I return to the USA.

As soon as I hear from you I will give you full details about the
safekeeping company to contact them for details on how to move the
boxes to your location.

Please i will like to know little more about you and your company,
also forward to me your direct telephone number and copy of your
identification for record purposes and i will also send you a copy of
my ID as soon as I hear from you.

I have my US number here so you can chart with me on whatsapp +1
216-285-9228 but I prefer email for security purpose.

I am waiting to hear from you

Thanks and God bless

Gen. Randyl Robert Taber
Confidential Business Proposal

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