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Monday, November 28, 2016

419 scam email from Mr. Douglas Henry United Nations Fund Monitoring Agent "www." 681-235-5631

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Office Des Postes Et Telecommunications Du Benin
City: Cotonou
Country of Origin: Benin

from: Douglas Henry. <"www."> 
reply-to: "Douglas Henry." <>
date: Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 4:44 AM
subject: ATTENTION


This is Mr.Douglas Henry., the United Nations fund monitoring agent in charge of your total $10.500.000.00 payment file. We are now charged with the responsibility of finding, reconciling and releasing of all due payments that ignited in Africa (lottery winning, contract payments and inheritance funds) belonging to foreign/local beneficiaries. I came to Benin from new York after series of meetings with the world bank president Robert B. Zoellick and the UN secretary general due to numerous complains from the FBI and other security agencies against the Benin government on the rate of scam/fraudulent activities going on in Benin. I have met with the Benin central bank governor who claimed ignorant of the delay in releasing foreign beneficiary funds in Africa, but promised to make sure that all beneficiaries receive their funds within the next 48hrs. During our reconciliation review in Africa, all unpaid lottery winning, contract payments and inheritance payment files belonging to you and other foreign beneficiaries was traced and approved successfully.

Your total funds ($10.500.000.00 million dollars) payment was among the approved beneficiaries and have been programmed with the World Bank ATM card number: 4988 2414 7616 3496 through the bank of England inter-switch computerization department in United Kingdom. The ATM card is not a credit card, it is an automated teller machine card (ATM card) which work in all banks with duly inter-switch and the funds can then be transferred into your personal account as soon as you have the card if you wish to. the united nations under the ministry of finance with the world bank groups and IMF International Monitory Fund) has adopted this administrative measure owning to various complains/petitions received from beneficiaries due to the delays in receiving their inheritance/wining funds as expected, it was also adopted to reduce the administrative protocols as well as fraud perpetration.

You are only allowed to withdraw usd$10,000.00 per day from the ATM card account in any ATM machine center of your choice in any part of the world or optional as soon as you get the ATM card, you can deposit the total amount in the ATM card into your banking account with your personal identification or passport ID .It is also important to let you know that you are required to bear the cost of your ATM card courier fee as stipulated by the auditors, this is because your $10.500.000.00 million dollars programmed ATM card is labeled as a "non fragmented bond" and is protected by a hardcover bond policy by the auditors which makes it impossible to deduct the delivery fee of your ATM card from the approved $10.5m ATM card before it has been delivered to you.

furthermore, the auditors declined reverse delivery payment, (no more C.O.D for international shipments) that if a reverse delivery payments made and something goes wrong, that we/you cannot sue the delivery company to recover the full value of the fund as stipulated in the ATM card since payment for delivery was not made at point of mailing, so for this reasons, we had come to an agreement with the auditors that you shall be the one to take the sole responsibility for the delivery fee of your $10.500.000.00 million dollars ATM card to your address as reverse payment is ruled out. Your $10.500.000.00 million dollars ATM card will only cost you the cost of delivering your ATM card this involves only $180 (24hrs delivery)based on the above reasons, we have concluded delivery arrangement with the Arik delivery agent, in view of the above development; you are requested to immediately pay the delivery cost through the Arik Agent given payment instruction below: delivery cost:  $180 (24hrs/overnight delivery)

urgently send the above payment via western union or money gram as directed below, also forward your correct delivery address where you want the ATM card to be delivered as the united nations will not beheld responsible for any mistake in delivering your $10.500.000.00million dollars ATM card payment to you. I have a very limited time here in Africa, so I would like you to urgently send the $180 courier fee today so that the courier company will proceed on the delivery of your ATM card before I leave Africa. if your delivery fee is received today, your $10.500.000.00 million dollars ATM card will leave to your destination first thing tomorrow morning and will get to you within 24hrs, this means that if you send the $180 delivery fee today, you will receive your $10.500.000.00million dollars ATM card tomorrow since it is an overnight / 24hrs delivery

Here is the western union or money gram payment information to send the $180 courier fee to their department in Benin Republic :


Receivers Name:.. SAB TOCHI
Country ...Benin Republic
City ....Cotonou
Test Question.... Be Rest
Answer ...Assure
AMOUNT to send:... $180 only
Sender's name:.......
MTCN or REFERENCE Number.......

After paying the fee, send the following payment information to me such as.

Sender’s name and address
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
Text question & answer

I wait for the reference payment confirmation of the courier fee and your delivery information to enable your ATM card delivery proceeds immediately.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Douglas Henry.
Telling: 681-235-5631
United Nations International Oversight

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