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Monday, November 7, 2016

Loan scam email from Avv. Leonardo Taylor ICTS Fin International NV Senior Project Finance In't Management

from: ICTS Fin International NV <> 
date: Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 1:58 PM
subject: Project Financing Offer

Dear Sir / Madam.

We have investors who are interested in financing projects of large volume.

ICTS Fin International NV engages in provides mortgage loans to borrowers worldwide through institutional parties including banks and pension funds.
The company was incorporated for many years and is based in Italy,Hague, the Netherlands. ICTS Fin International NV. operates as a subsidiary of ICTS Fin International NV.

Our funding will take approximately 10 banking days from the day you present the insurance certificate.

The fund will be disbursed based on a clear loan of 3.5% interest rate per annul for 10 years renewable. Please only serious clients with prime bank instruments, Loan funds needed for financing Projects need contact us.

Finally, we finance small scale loan company, intermediaries, small scale financial institutions because we have unlimited capital. For further details about purchasing a loan of user friendly respond immediately on our offer.

If you are satisfied with the above procedures send us a letter of intent writing on your company letter head.

Regards, as we await your response.

Best Regards
Avv. Leonardo Taylor.
Senior Project Finance In't Management.

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    Date: 2016-11-08
    Reply to:
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    Attention Sir/Madam


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