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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Organ Donor scam messages left as comments on the FraudFYI blog from Dr. Joseph T. Apollo Hospital +91-7708908743 Apollo Hospital +91-7418973694 +91-8123907649

Posted by Joseph Thachil
DEAR SIR/MADAM Do you want to donate or sell your kidney for money, APOLLO HOSPITAL is urgently in need of O+ve ,A+ve B+ kidney donors. If anyone is willing to donate his/her Kidney: note we are going to offer you a good amount of money for your kidney and your satisfaction is our priority please contact us through email on: Or Mobile on: DR JOSEPH T...+917708908743 on Organ Donor scam message left as a comment on the FraudFYI blog from Dr. Michael Steve Kidney National Hospital

Posted by Help Line
Hello everyone , Apollo Hospital is urgently in need of kidney donors with a good awarded amount of $290,000.00 We are located in Malaysia, Canada, South Africa,India , UK Turkey and all over UAE. Interested person should kindly contact us now for more information Email : Call line : +91 741 897 3694 WhatsAPP Number : +91 812 390 7649 on 419 scam email from Ambassador James F. Entwistle

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  1. Received from:, HONG KONG, Central District, Netvigator
    Subject: i need a Prosthetic leg
    Date: 2016-11-16
    Reply to:

    Sear Sir/Madam,

    My greetings.My Names are Dike Victor C.I am a Nigerian from Delta State.I am soliciting for your Kind Assistance/Good Heart to Buy my needed Prosthetic s(ARTIFICIAL LEG)for my Amputated leg which has been healed.The Amputation came as a result of my been DIABETIC with other health complications which almost cost my life and was not Dictated earlier but I thank God for a successful Surgery which took place at the University College Hospital, Ibadan,Oyo State, Nigeria which is one of the best specialist hospital here.

    Different Kind of Evil minded people have been approaching me for Business that does not Glorify God, which I refused because of my covenant with God that I will never be involved in Evil or Illicit business for living, i will serve him in TRUTH AND HONESTY.

    I am a University Graduate and a Father of 4 Children,thou they have not been going to School since my Health Challenges,feeding and Shelter has been a difficult Task because things are not the same as usual and coupled with the Economic Recession facing my Country.

    In all,I thank God,the almighty for my life,I am back to Health for Enemies thought it is finished but my believe and Faith in God,kept me Alive and hearty.

    I will be very grateful if my sincere request is favorably Considered/Granted as i strongly believe their is Ability in Disability for their is Absolute Joy in living an Independent life that been a De-pendant and I prefer to go BEGGING than STEALING OR Constituting Nuisance to the Community or the entire Populace.

    If there is need for further Details and proof of my health situation and my below the Knee Amputation, it will be forwarded to you with proof on request for your perusal.

    Remain bless and God be with you always.


    Yours Sincerely,
    Dike Victor.


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