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Saturday, February 11, 2017

419 scam email from Advocate Peter Lawrence Bowman Gilfillan Corporate Law Firm +27-735863508 +27-123419668

from: peter lawrence <> 
date: Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 9:00 PM

Good Day,

This message is to notify you that late Mr. Allen Brent includes you among his heir apparent. Open the attached file for more clarification and email me back to proceed.
Peter Lawrence.

attachment; filename="Mr. Allen Brent's Will.pdf";
Bowman Gilfillan Corporate Law Firm;
South Africa.
Tel: +27 735 863 508
Land Line: +27 123 419 668

Practice NO: PJP/0746453920
Ref: LTO555/17/ZYN-OX1


This is to inform you the urgent matter at hand; for the purpose of clarity, I am
Advocate: Peter Lawrence of Bowman Gilfillan Corporate Law Firm South Africa.
I am giving the right to carry out the Last Will & Testament of late Mr. Allen Brent;
an America Jewish national who died of heart failure here in South Africa on the
16th of February 2016. Hence this email is to inform you that late Mr. Allen Brent
left you 15% of his estates which is sum (US$7.5million). And 50% of this sum
(US$7.5million) is for you to aid the less privilege in your community while 50%
should be for you and your family.

This may sound weird and incredible to you, but for your information; late Mr.
Allen Brent’s lives all his life helping the poor and the less privileges before he
died; so he expects his humanitarian work to be continue, that is the message he left
behind for all his beneficiaries to carry on with his funds. But note the reason for
this late notification, since Mr. Allen Brent’s demised his Will was contested in
Court by his Nephew Mr. Dean Brent who has his own selfish agenda for his
Uncle’s estates; but fortunately last week South Africa Probate Court finally ruled
on the matter that all beneficiaries should be notified to receives their bequest and
that is why I contact you this time. I will appreciate you provide me the details
listed bellow for my re-verification to proceed.

1.) Your full names:
2.) Your current contact address:
3.) Your date of birth:
4.) Your cell phone:
5.) Fax No:
6.) Your occupation:
7.) Your nationality:

Immediately I am in receipt of the above required details from you and verify them
accurate, then I will send you a copy of the Will for your perusal and tell you the
next step to be taking for South Africa Probate Court to issue the Probate Order for
your bequest (US$7.5million) to be release to you to commence on the project late

Mr. Allen Brent has committed in your hands.


Advocate: Peter Lawrence.

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