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Friday, February 24, 2017

419 scam email from Harrinda Wakefield Jones & Associates British Solicitors Legal Representative +44-7937422972 +44-7937422975 +44-7937411503

from: Jones & Associates <> via 
reply-to: Jones & Associates <>
date: Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 2:33 AM
subject: From Jones & Associates

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is important that you carefully read the attached PDF file and get back to this Law Firm as soon as possible, to ensure that we follow the necessary steps as contained in the file.

Jones & Associates

attachment; filename="Jones & Associates..pdf"
(British Solicitors)

BA,MSc, Dphil Paul Jones    29 North Street Emsworth PO10 7DD Hampshire
Dr. Elizabeth Macwhite    Tel: +44 793 742 2972, +44 793 742 2975,
Mr. Harrinda Wakefield, BA,MSc    Fax: +44 793 741 1503

OUR REF: UK /LON/DSC/150/01/A YOUR REF: .201702-02/4658.....

Dear Sir/Madam,


This office received a request from the UK Ministry of Finance (HM Treasury) with regards to an
inconclusive transfer of One Million Great British Pounds Sterling (£1,000,000.00) registered in
your name which has been floating since a year. During the second quarter of the general
Financial Auditing, the Ministry of Finance recovered this aforementioned amount which was
supposed to be paid to you. It has been understood by our investigating team that the Bank was
supposed to remit this fund into your bank account few years back but was not able to do so
due to some unnecessary and ridiculous requirements.

It is only lawful for such recovered fund to be transferred to its lawful owners, unless in
situations where such fund is being obtained under illegal or unlawful means. There has been
an extensive investigation concerning the origin of this fund and it has been cleared in
accordance with the policies of the International Monetary Fund, it is therefore ready to be
transferred into your bank account under the thorough supervision of this law firm.

We are already in possession of your full details as it is contained in the documents with which
the transfer was being carried out earlier, however, it is also mandatory that you email us the
following 3 details of your for verification of your identity

1. Full Name:
2. Full Address:
3. Phone Number:
4. Occupation:
As soon as we have verified your details, we will proceed with the process for the transfer of
your fund into your bank account. We are only a legal firm and will require the services of a
bank to ensure the transfer of your fund to you; however we will oversee the transfer to ensure
that you are not neglected and that this is concluded as fast as possible.

Legal Representative
Harrinda Wakefield


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