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Sunday, February 5, 2017

419 scam email from Mr. Ralph Tuffuor Ecowas Memebership Tax Enforcement Authority Chairman +225-78062261

from:    Ecowas Membership Office <>
date:    Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 11:43 AM
subject:    Attention: Beneficiary,


Attention: Beneficiary, .                

I am Mr. Ralph Tuffuor the appointed ECO WAS MEMBERSHIP STATES Enforcement Task Force coordinator , in view of what is documented in the 15 Ecowas membership Countries  ,On the 25th of  May 2015 (AU) Africa Union day and the agenda of foreign beneficiary was deliberated concerning  the 15th Eco was Countries and a lot of issues was raised and discussed in regards of transaction in West Africa about the consignments/funds recovered in the border point of the 15 Ecowas Countries from Bandits and in the High Sea and desert areas.

I want to use this medium to brief you concerning your transaction of consignments/funds in Ecowas Countries ever since without receiving any one and I will like to tell you why, you have not receive any consignment/funds from Eco was States, during the LUXEMBOURG, July 18, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ — 15th ECO WAS-EU Ministerial Troika Meeting, this issues was deliberated on the reasons is some beneficiary are not a member of the ECO WAS Countries that is why before any beneficiary/ Donors can receive any consignment/Funds from Eco was Countries , He/She have to be a member of Ecowas 15 Countries  , this program that has been sponsored by the 15 Ecowas Countries and the world bank , without you are not a member of ECO WAS COUNTRIES you cannot receive any consignment/Funds , that is why you have being transacting business in Eco Was Country without receiving any result.

You did not have the Eco was Membership approval permit that is why you paid money to Bank and to Government entities including the diplomats and the security companies and they cannot be able to deliver or transfer any consignment/Funds to you in your country because the ECO WAS membership Countries does not recognize you and cannot authorize them to deliver or transfer any consignment /fund from ECO WAS Countries to you, without your ECO WAS STATES MEMBERSHIP IDENTITY APPROVAL.

That is the main reasons why you have being transacting business without getting any legitimate result, for you to receive any consignment/Funds from ECO WAS COUNTRIES you have to register as a member with the Ecowas States for us to issue you the Ecowas States Membership Identity card to enjoy this opportunity is for you to fill the form below , which will be use for your Ecowas States Membership Identity application to get this done ,you have to register as a member of the Ecowas States ,the amount to get it done is  $280 Dollars only , Two hundred and Eighty Dollars Only, below are Ecowas Countries  ,Reach Chairman Office---on phone 0022578062261 for more brief .
The fifteen (15) West African States that constitute ECOWAS

The Republic of BENIN
The Republic of CABO VERDE
The Republic of COTE D'IVOIRE
The Republic of GAMBIA
The Republic of GHANA
The Republic of GUINEE
The Republic of GUINEE BISSAU
The Republic of LIBERIA
The Republic of MALI
The Republic of NIGER
The Federal Republic of NIGERIA
The Republic of SENEGAL
The Republic of SIERRA LEONE

Please immediately you receive this mail fill the form attach to this message and get back to ECOWAS MEMBERSHIP STATES Enforcement Task Force Authority, Number (0022578062261) immediately with your registration information.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Western Union or Money Gram.
Receiver Names:  Secretary Ms. Ameline Jeanluk.                        
Country:  Ivory Coast ………….
City: Abidjan :………………..
Text Question:…………..                 
Mtcn: ............................
Amount:………………… US$280 only. 

Thanks for your co-operation,
Mr.Ralph Tuffuor.
(Chairman Ecowas Memebership Tax Enforcement Authority).

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