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Sunday, February 26, 2017

419 scam email from Yayatura Owocomes

from: Yayatura Owocomes <> 
reply-to: Yayatura Owocomes <>
date: Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 2:45 AM

Dearest Friend ,

I am called Yayatura Owocomes, Please my parents are late leaving behind a big inheritance for me but they stated that i will not have access to it until i am at the age of 30, but if i must move it, I have to get a foreign partner who will stand on my behalf and help me invest the fund while i continue my Education over there, I will let you know how much is the is the inheritance and quantity of Gold left behind.

Please kindly send me your information below if you have accepted to help me and if you agree, i will give you 30% f the total amount, so the info needed is below AND PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME VERY CLEAR ON MY FIRST PARAGRAPH

1) Your Full name :
2) Your Direct cell phone number:--
3) Your occupation :
4) Identification ID:
5) Your current house address;--

As soon as you get back to me, I will send you all the document backing this inheritance and my own copy of my Identification

Yours Son

Yayatura Owocomes

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