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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Loan scam email from Amanda Smith Wonga Finance +27-719528543 +27-0866614973

from: Apply 3.5% Wonga Loans Offer <> 
reply-to: "Apply 3.5% Wonga Loans Offer" <>
date: Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 1:51 PM
subject: Apply 3.5% Wonga Loans Offer

View the Attached File for the Offer and Contact Amanda Smith on Tel:+27(0)719528543

attachment; filename="3.5% WONGA LOANS OFFER.pdf"

Flexible, short term loans that give you lots of control


Have you ever searched for fund, loans, financial assistance or need an accredited lender to help you meet
up with your needs and demands? Do you want to buy a Car or any other property? Or have your bank
turned you down? Are they delaying your plans with too much paperwork? Is your monthly income
disappearing due to high interest rate on your Loans, Credit or Bonds? Have you been blacklisted? or you
want to make Consolidations?

Then you have no alternative than to get an instant and reliable service from our loaning Agency. We offer
Personal Loans @ 3.5% P.A ranging from (R20, 000.00 – R500, 000.00). While Business Loans @ 4.5%
P.A ranging from (R500, 000.00 – R10, 000,000.00). Loan duration is 1 to 120months (Maximum). Very
easy and all you need to do to apply, Send us your personal details First.

Your Full Name * Surname * ID Number * Cell No * Email Address * Nationality *
Send your details:, fax: +27(0) 086 661 4973 Tel: +27(0)719528543]OR Contact us +27(0)719528543

We will always do our best to determine what you can comfortably afford to repay by taking your current
per sona l fina nc ial cir cumsta nces int o cons ider a tion a nd then set your loa n a mou nt a ccor dingly. Refer to
the Loan Options Table below which was calculated at 3.5% P.A Personal Loan as a mere guide. Choose
the instalment and loan term that suits you.

LOAN Total amount Total amount Total amount Total amount AMOUNT 24 Months repayable 36 Months repayable 48 Months repayable 60 Months repayable

R 20 000 R 216 R 5,184 R 146 R 5,274 R 111 R 5,365 R 90.96 R 5,457
R 15 000 R 648 R 15,552 R 439 R 15,823 R 335 R 16,096 R 272 R 16,372
R 30 000 R 1,296 R 31,105 R 879 R 31,646 R 670 R 32,192 R 545 R 32,745
R 60 000 R 2,592 R 62,211 R 1,758 R 63,292 R 1,341 R 64,385 R 1,091 R 65,490
R 80 000 R 3,456 R 82,949 R 2,344 R 84,089 R 1,788 R 85,847 R 1,455 R 87,320
R 100000 R 4,320 R 103,686 R 2,930 R 105,487 R 2,235 R 107,308 R 1,819 R 109,150
R 120000 R 5,184 R 124,423 R 3,516 R 126,543 R 2,682 R 128,770 R 2,183 R 130,980

Wonga Finance SA(Pty)Company No.2010/015269/07. A registered Credit Provider.NCRCP5033

attachment; filename="WONGA LOANS APPLICATION FORM.pdf"

Morningside, Sandton
228 Guateng, South Africa
Fa x +27 (0 )86 661 4973



Full Name
    Last Name First Name Middle Name
Contact Address
Office Tel    Cell Phone
Email Address    Sex
ID Number    Date of Birth    Age
Marital Status    Number of Children

Employer    Address
Position    Monthly Income

Type of Loan    Amount Needed
Loan Duration    Purpose of Loan

Are you in Debt?    Amount    Blacklisted?
Give Full Details

I ................ Certify that the information
herin supplied is true to the best of my knowledge
    Date    Signature

Wonga Finance SA(Pty)Company No.2010/015269/07.A Registered Credit Provider NCRCP5033

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