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Friday, March 3, 2017

419 scam email from Mr. Abacha Garrison Western Union Manager "www." +229-61106594

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Asahi Net
City: Tokyo
Country of Origin: Japan

from: Mr.Abacha Garrison <"www.">
reply-to: "Mr.Abacha Garrison" <>
date: Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 9:59 PM
subject: Western Union Welcome to Western Union

Western Union Welcome to Western Union
Send Money Worldwide
Our Ref:WUMT0XX2/987
Tel CALL (+229)6110-6594

Attention ,

Welcome to Western Union Money Transfer Agent, We wish to inform you
that the IMF have release your fund sum of $6.4 million Three Hundred and
Seventy Six Thousand US dollars issued on your name the money was
deposited with us in this Office as MTCN credit card, we shall be
sending the money to you everyday $5000.00usd until we complete the
total payment. We are very glad to inform you that we have processed
your first

payment of $5000.00usd, but bare it in mind that the $5000.00usd will
not be given to you except you pay for service charges which is $87.00,
you have to pay the money through our service western union to the
information we give you here, then after confirm the payment of $87.00
from you, we shall release your first $5000.00usd to enable you pick it
up and get back to us for the second payment,As you can see here is the
MTCN Number of your first payment which we credited for you today,
track it with our website:,
to confirm that your
is available.

1)Senders Name::SIBYL DAVIS
2)MTCN Number:::637-160-1555
3)Amount::: $5000.00 USD.
Track it with our website:
or you
can call this number to confirm the payment of the MTCN Tel:

Note that on your reply this massage make sure you send the full
information Remember that the full details you can use to pick up this
first payment will be send to you once we receive the transfer charge
of $87.00, You have to treat urgent by reconfirming your full
to us immediately you receive this massage to enable us start the
process of your payment immediately.

 1Your Full Name...
2.Your Address...
3.Your Tel Number....

These are the information about your money you can go to any western
union to pick up the money, don't forget that you have to settle for the
transfer charge before we can give the full information of your first
payment of $5000.00 usd we waiting to receive the above information from
your so that we can direct you where to send the transfer charge of
$87.00 which is only delay now, Kindly use this information to send the
transfer charge.

Receivers Name:Chris Oma


Text Question: URGENT?

Text Answer: NOW..

Amount: ($87.00.).

We looks forward to receive the transfer charge together with your full
information, to enable us release this first $5000.00usd for you to pick
it up and get back to us for the second payment ok. Get Back ASAP

Yours in service

Mr.Abacha Garrison
Western Union Manager

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