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Sunday, March 26, 2017

419 scam email from Mr. Rayan Hichem's Dying Widow Mrs. Asmao Kenza Rayan

from: Mrs Asmao Kenza Rayan <> 
to: "." <.>
date: Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 11:05 AM
subject: Re: My dear Chosen

Dear Beloved,

My dear, I know it will be a great surprise to you reading from me today as we did not know each other before. I will like you to please take time and go through this mail, it is the situation of things surrounding me that made me to cry out to ask you for an investment assistance in your country there because I never knew things will turn this way after a painful death (assasin) of my beloved husband by his people.

My Name is Mrs. Asmao Kenza Rayan an orphan, I am writing this mail to you with heavy tears in my eyes and great sorrow in my heart, I married to Mr. Rayan Hichem who worked with the Sonatrach oil and gaz as top senior officer before his death and i became sick and very unwell to continue the work that i started with my husband, since his death I decided not to re-marry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the word of God is against. We were married for 32 years without a child. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of $2.7 Million in a bank with my name as the next of kin, presently, this money is still with the Bank.

Recently my doctor told me that I would not last for long periods due to my cancer problem and My late husband's relatives who should have assisted me in this situation are greedy and worldly; since my ill- health they have stolen and converted all of my late husband's properties to their private use simply because i did not have a Child. Living me to battle my sickness alone.

Having known my condition I decided to hand you over this money to you to utilize it the way I am going to instruct herein. This money was deposited by my husband for the future of our children. Now that we did not have any, I decided to give it to charity. I want you to take 30% Percent of the total money for your personal use while the remaining 70% will be invested by you for the benefit and education of the less privileged/orphans in the society. I grew up as an orphan and i know the pains and sorrow that are associated with it and it is now my desire to use this money to assist them so that God will have pity and cleans my sins.

I shall be going in for a surgery operations soonest and desire this money to be transferred to you as I do not wish to leave this money in the bank because bankers might misuse it and it will not be in the best interest of the poor and the needy.

As soon as I receive your urgent response I shall give you the contact of the bank and also instruct the bank attorney to write my WILL with your name" that will prove you the present beneficiary of the fund in the bank, which is if you assure me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein.

I need your urgent response as I don't know what tomorrow will result,

Yours sincerely,
Asmao Kenza Rayan

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