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Sunday, May 7, 2017

419 scam email from Mrs. Mary Tim Tim Mr. Mike Adams DHL Director

from: Mary Tim Tim <> via 
reply-to: Mary Tim Tim <>
date: Thu, May 4, 2017 at 11:07 AM
subject: Urgent Attention beneficiary, receive your fund.

Attention; Beneficiary,

This is to notify to you that, you have been among beneficiary receive fund from THE GREEN CLIMATE FUND for help the people, we got this update from UNITED NATION Ambassador Mathew.

This offer announced on the eve of an international pledging conference in Berlin on Nov 20.Treasury department under Hank Paulson is to be sure that you receive your deliver the package to you which will take only 24 hours to get the package delivered.

The fund is from the uncompensated/bailout funds for citizens of nonmember countries and citizens of commonwealth nations for poverty alleviation during this economic crunch and recession. The sum of $10 billion was shared amongst 215 companies and individuals. You were awarded the fund for investment to ease the economic crunch and to be profitable and help others in need as a measure to ease the present economic hardship. utm_term=.4dbd45c89aa7

Note: the package you will receive a Master Card or ATM card which contains $1.5M USD with the required security document which was made in your name as the sole owner and it also include the security pin you will use to transact with credit cards.The actual fee was $300 but it was reduced to $150 to ensure that you received your package as soon as possible and $150 dollars is for security keeping fee.

Courier Office: DHL
Name of Dir:Mr. Mike Adams

Mrs.Mary Tim Tim

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