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Monday, June 26, 2017

419 scam email from Mr. Victor Raimi Gen. Matthew Kerekou's Bank Officer

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Network Solutions, Llc
City: Atlanta
Country of Origin: United States

from: Victor RAIMI <> 
date: Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 9:01 AM
subject: From: Mr. Victor RAIMI.

From: Mr. Victor RAIMI.
Carre Raimi, Ccp No: 007/862, 09 Bp 1971,
Akpakpa, Cotonou,
Republic of Benin- West Africa.
Reply Email: (

Greetings Dearest Friend,

I am Mr. Victor RAIMI, a confidential bank officer to late Gen. Matthew Kerekou the former president of Republic du Benin on financial matters / foreign investment. During his regime as a military and civilian president, he acquired a lot of funds which he kept in a fix deposit with our bank here. And he (Late Gen. Matthew Kerekou) has been using a foreign company / individuals to carry out the transfer of these deposited funds as the bona fides owners on his behalf as an unpaid Contract Fund.

Note, I am contacting you in the same regards so as to present you / your company as one of the unpaid Contractors who has not received their contract funds from government of Benin. It may interest you to know that the late president has used me to carry out all his transaction to overseas account with his partners, so you are free to have the total fund which I am presenting to you into your account once we both have agreed on this deal without any question from government / person here in Benin.

From my records as the personal account officer to late president I have transferred to overseas account on behalf of the former president over $1 Billion Dollars to foreigners who he presented as the contractors for the payments to government of Benin. As a respected former Military and Civilian President, no one or government agency here in Benin Republic questions his claims regarding the funds as unpaid contract funds as labeled under his regime. The entire amount transferred so far on his behalf was used for investment purposes in oversea countries which your country of resident is one of them.

My main reason of contacting you is that, I want to present you to the Ministry of Finance / Government of Benin and my Bank here, as the contractor for one of the account containing the sum of $17,800,000.00 Dollars which is yet to be paid out / to you as one of the contractors during the regime of Late Gen. Matthew Kerekou. Now that he is dead I have all legal documents of this amount $17,800,000.00 Dollars in my care as his personal account officer. Note this transaction will be freely completed under your name / company without any questions from government of Benin because I have all the legal documents which I will present to you empowering you process the claim as the legal contractor/ fund owner.

Before the death of Gen. Matthew Kerekou, I have given him an account of all transaction carried out on his behalf with his foreign partners, I also gave him the balance amount and remaining accounts which has not been transferred out of Benin a year before his death. But this $17,800,000.00 Dollars and its contract file is not among the account / contract file I returned to late President.

Note, the transaction which I have contacted you about is between you and me not for the late president family because the late president and his family are not aware of this $17,800,000.00 Dollars / account details only me his confidential bank officer knows about it. If you are interested to work with me by standing as the legal beneficiary / the contractor of this fund $17,800,000.00 Dollars, please get back to me immediately to enable me give you details on what to do, for onward transfer of the fund to your bank account in your country or any country of your choice for an investment project between your family and mine.

Please observe utmost confidentiality, and rest assured that this transaction will be most profitable for both of us and for the future of our children/ generation to come. Awaiting your urgent reply for more details on the claim process in your name if you are interested. If for any reason you would not want to work with me, please destroy this letter and do not make it to knowledge of anyone else for security reason. Please reply me with your details on this email id ( if you are interested in receiving the fund into your account.

Yours Sincerely.
Mr. Victor RAIMI.

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