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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Loan scam email from Mrs. Lisa Britz Bridge Finance SA Senior Loan Manager +27-629035940

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Saix-net
City: Johannesburg
Country of Origin: South Africa

from: Bridge Finance SA <> 
reply-to: Bridge Finance SA <>
date: Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 2:00 AM
subject: Bridge Finance 5.5% Quick Bridging Loans

Bridge Finance SA
2nd Floor Elephant House
107 Market Street,
Johannesburg 2000;
South Africa.

Dear Valued Customer,

Partake of our latest 5.5% loan promotion, The offer is open to those who are blacklisted and those with bad credit records. We offer all types of loan and our interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the loan.

kindly see attached document for more information on our latest 5.5% loan offer as we look forward to assisting you in whatever way possible.


Bridge Finance SA

attachment; filename="About Bridge Finance.pdf"
2nd Floor Elephant House
107 Market Street,
Johannesburg 2000;
South Africa.
NCR Registration No:NCRCP2318
Legal Registration No: 1993/014544/23

Dear Esteemed Customer,

Bridge Finance is a registered financial services provider focused on partnering with individuals and cooperate
bodies, by developing opportunities for the small-medium-large businesses that drive South Africa’s economy.

Bridge Finances is made to suit each individual's financial needs, helping them to achieve financial freedom and
escape the trap of bad debt.

Our flagship product, My Consolidation Plan allows you to consolidate debt, combine it into one plan and pay a
lower installment. It also helps you reduce your finance charges.

Bridge Finance is committed to providing personal loans, Business Loans, Car Loans, Home loan, Agricultural Loans
and debt consolidation loans for only 5.5% per annum. These products enable the responsible use of credit as part
of a structured financial plan. Too many South Africans fall prey to loan sharks. The loans they get from these
unscrupulous lenders aren't designed around their situations and have high repayments.

Our offer ranges from R10, 000.00 to R40, 000,000.00, Loan duration from 6month to 20years.

Benefits to Bridge Finance

Some of our benefit includes:
Loan application process with us is easy and private and you can apply anywhere as long as you have internet

Our loan application process is strictly online and our loan verification process takes with maximum 24 hours.

How Do I Know If I Qualify For Bridge Finance Loan?

You must be permanently employed/Self-employed or employed under a fixed term contract
You must earn a minimum net salary of R3 500 a month.

Loan Repayment Schedule

Loan    Amount    Duration    (Year)    Repayment    Period    Loan    Amount    Duration    (Year)    Repayment
R20,000 2 R 881.91 R20,000 3 R 603.92 R20,000 5 R 382.02
R50,000 2 R 2,204.78 R50,000 3 R 1,509.80 R50,000 5 R 955.06
R100,000 3 R 4,409.57 R100,000 4 R 2,325.65 R100,000 6 R 1,633.79
R150,000 3 R 4,529.39 R150,000 5 R 2,865.17 R150,000 7 R 2,155.51
R300,000 4 R 6,976.94 R300,000 6 R 4,901.37 R300,000 8 R 3,869.80
R400,000 5 R 7,640.46 R400,000 7 R 5,748.02 R400,000 9 R 4,704.00
R600,000 6 R 9,802.73 R600,000 8 R 7,739.59 R600,000 10 R 6,511.58
R800,000 7 R11,496.03 R800,000 9 R 9,408.00 R800,000 11 R 8,091.15
R1,000,000 8 R12,899.32 R1,000,000 10 R10,852.63 R1,000,000 12 R 9,501.72

Businesses or Individuals interested to apply must forward the required information; Full Names, ID Number,
Residential/address, Occupation, Monthly Income and Contact telephone numbers to: You can also call +27629035940 for more enquiries.


Lisa Britz (Mrs.)

Senior Loan Manager


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