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Saturday, May 19, 2018

419 scam email from Mr. Agung Oetero's Dying Widow Mrs. Veronica Oetoro Barrister Maydeline Agustin Sumiyati

from: Veronica Oetoro <> 
date: Thu, May 17, 2018 at 2:12 PM
subject: Hello

Hello ,

I am Mrs. Veronica Oetoro from Indonesia, a member Indonesian tropical
forest management team.A widow to late Mr.Agung Oetero a Christian
Convert, I was diagnosed for esophageal cancer about two years ago
immediately after the death of my husband.As i lay on my sick bed here
in Hospital, from all indication my conditions is really deteriorating
and it is quite obvious that I wouldn't live more, according to my
doctor, since It has defiled all forms of medical treatment,this is
because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage that no hope
for me to be a living person again.

My late husband was killed during the France raid against terrorist in
Libya where he work as an engineer in Libyan National oil corporation
and during the period of our marriage we could not produce any child
my late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all
his business and wealth. the doctors has advised me that I may not
live for more than Four months, so I now decided to divide the part of
this wealth, to contribute to the development of the church in Asia,
building of schools with good water especially in Sumatera western
Indonesia where I come from. Create solution to problem of less
privileged ones and orphanage homes.

I selected you after visiting your contact through linkedin I prayed
over it; I am willing to donate the sum of (USD$4,000,000), Four
Million United state Dollars to the less privileged. Please I want you
to note the fund is lying in a bank in Jakarta Indonesia and upon
receiving your willingness to help me carry out with this project I
will instruct my family lawyer to file in an application for the
transfer of the money in your name as my condition will no longer
permit me to carry on with this Project since I am still undergoing
medical treatment in UK.

Lastly, I honestly pray that this money when transferred will be used
for the said purpose even though I am late then, because I have come
to find out that wealth acquisition without Christ is vanity and I
made the promise to God that the fund will be use to build his temple
and help the less privileged.

God will be with you and if you know that you can help I will be very
happy to hear from you Please, also send reply and all correspondences
to my LAWYER and also remember to send your private contact details
for effective communications .Below is the contact of my family

Barrister Maydeline Agustin Sumiyati Email Contact:

Mrs.Veronica Oetoro

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