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Saturday, June 16, 2018

419 scam email from MoneyGram Money Transfer Office Winnings Claims Bonanza Department 320-270-0059

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Mtn Nigeria Communication Limited
City: Lagos
Country of Origin: Nigeria

from: Hawaii USA Money Gram <> 
reply-to: Hawaii USA Money Gram <>
date: Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 3:01 AM
subject: Re: Your Money Has Being Sent

Thanks for your patronage and for using Money Gram Money Transfer to
send money, we are so happy to have a customer like you. For using
Money Gram, your details were put to the Ballot box for the ongoing
2018 Money Gram Money Transfer Middle of the Year Bonanza Draw. You
have won yourself $500,000.00 US Dollars.

This funds will be given to you through our office Money Gram Payment
Department , Hawaii, USA or an Money Gram location within your
City. Your winnings sum will be paid installment in amount $9,000.00
US Dollars and it will be sent to you in every Seven Hours (7hours)
until the funds is completely paid to you, this is as a result that
$9000.00 is the maximum limit our Money Gram payment Department can
send per transaction in 3 reference number, we are legally allowed to
pay you $9000.00 daily until you receive your winnings funds in full
$500,000.00 US Dollars. The Following is the Money Gram Money Control
Reference Number for your First payment $9000.00, 8765009, 00568998
and 22871199.

Note that the above has not been activated for you to pick up because
your name has not been activated to it. To enable us activate your
payment immediately you would be required to pay a small activation
charge of $85.00 Dollars. Please be informed that this charge can not
be deducted from your account because it’s bonded and has been
programmed till your final payment. This would be paid once and will
not be requested to pay it after your transaction has been activated.
Send the $85.00 Dollars payment information to our Money Gram payment
agent below as soon as it's done. Upon the receipt of the US$85.00,
your programmed transaction will be activated and you will start
receiving your winnings in US$9000.00 installments.

Receivers Name: Maeling Loque
Country USA
State Hawaii

Immediately this office receives the payment, our Money Gram payment
Department will activate your programmed transaction to enable you
receive your first installment payment of $9000.00 immediately. Please
Note: this control number ( 8765009, 00568998 and 22871199) should be
kept very safe and secret for your own security, to avoid someone else
tempering with you funds. Text us at 320-270-0059 for more Details
and directives.

We congratulate you in Advance.
Winnings Claims Bonanza Department
Money Gram Money Transfer Office.
SMS, text us at 320-270-0059.

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