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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

419 scam email from owner and C.E.O of Burn SEA FOOD LTD in Ivory Coast Cambodia Mr. Howard Duke

Kind Corporation Needed

Peace be with you.

My name is  Mr. Howard Duke  the owner and C.E.O of Burn  SEA FOOD LTD, in Ivory Coast, Cambodia and Japan. I am seeking for you honorable attention to Invest in lucrative and profitable Venture in your Country with the total sum of $6 Million Dollars and for charitable goals also.

 I am a good Christian, lived all my life in a Christian life, If you wish to assist me to Invest the sum to Lucrative business in your Country, It will be fine or better still Use the funds for Charitable work in your Country. I am 56 yrs also been paralyzed now for 8 yrs.

If you feel for me and you want to help me to carry out my wishes. kindly get back to me with your details  if you are interested in carrying out this task. I know I have never met you but my mind instincts me to do this through you, and i hope you act sincerely with passion.

Thank you and God bless you.


Mr. Howard Duke

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