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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

419 scam email from MCOM FINANCIAL SECURITY COMPANY Edward Brown +44 70 2408 9760 +44 70 2404 6577

225 York Street, London, W1U6PZ UK London,
Tel+44 70 2408 9760 +44 70 2404 6577

Dear Sir/Madam ,

RE: TRANSFER OF USD7,500,000.00

On behalf of the management of M com Finance and security company , London, I wish to inform you that your fund valued at $7.5M has been moved from Africa to our security company here in London. The decision to move it down here was taken at a joint meeting between all the interest groups.

The action was taken in order to make it easier for you to get the fund claimed and as such you have been provided three options on how to receive the fund.

1. Coming to get the here in London
2. Delivery of the fund to your address through a diplomatic channel
3. transferring the money through swift wire transfer.

As soon as you respond on how best you want the fund transferred to you, the details shall be communicated to you. meanwhile the following below' 1. FULL NAMES. 2. MAILING ADDRESS. 3. TELEPHONE NUMBER. Please get back to me on this email address:

Yours in Service,

Edward Brown

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