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Friday, February 27, 2015

419 scam email from Mrs. Elizabeth Alan

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Cantv
City: n/a
Country of Origin: Cayman Islands

from: Mrs. Elizabeth Alan <> 
date: Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 6:13 PM
subject: God Be With You

God Be With You Please View The Attached Message And Get Back TO Me

attachment; filename=sawe.rtf

God Be With You

Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus my name is Mrs. Elizabeth Alan from Thailand and I have
been sick suffering from cancer for years now and I have been on the hospital for more than 8
months now and my condition is deteriorating and I feel I might not live too long because of my
health condition, As I have inform you my late Husband Dr, Alan Fredrick died in a air crash since
31 October 1999 and over since he died I have been looking for a good Christian person who can
assist me do the work of God.

Note as the moment I cannot do anything on my own because of my health condition therefore I
am so happy to receive your mail and wiliness to assist me receive my late husband money that
has been deposited with a security bank in Thailand as the next of kin. Also you need to know that
the total amount been deposited with the security bank in Thailand is the sum of USD$18, 000,
000, 00 Eighteen Million United State Dollars. Please all I need right now is to give my late
husband Attorney an instruction to assist you make a change of ownership to your name as the
rightful next of kin to late Alan Fredrick and assist you secure some of the documents in your
position. Please promised me that you will carry out order by using the money to do the work of
God helping the Motherless babies, Less privilege and homeless all over the Europe America
Asia And African because that has been my dreams and my late husband dreams. As soon as I
hear back from you I will give you further instruction on how to proceed with my late husband

Lastly I need to seek for your utmost trust and accomplishment to assist me complete this good
work of God and as you do that may the Lord Almighty bless you and your family and note without
God every thing is vanity upon vanity.

Your Beloved in God,
Mrs. Elizabeth Alan

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